Sunday, July 5, 2015

DAY 1401... Aniston Turns 3

I cannot believe that my Aniston Kate is already 3! It's such an AMAZING experience to watch a child grow from infancy into a little human with thoughts, personality and so many brilliant moments.

This little lady is the person who made me a Mom. She is constantly teaching me new things, new emotions and helping me see the world as it should be seen, not as the world wants us to see them. Her innocence is brilliant and motivates me to want to be a better person.

We had originally planned her party on her birthday, but then we learned that my sister and her family would be in town, but only until the 4th, so of course we changed it to be able to have them here with us. Good choice! So when I asked Aniston what kind of party she wanted she said that she wanted a Mickey Mouse bowling, picnic party. I tried so hard so convince her to do a different type of party since we did a Minnie Mouse party last year (click here to read about it), but she remained firm. Eventually I came to my senses and realized what a jerk I was being. It was her party, she could choose what she wanted. It worked out nicely because although I changed some aspects, I used some of the same ideas from the year before. Laziness at it's finest.

Thank goodness for Pinterest! Seriously, I want a redo wedding because Pinterest wasn't around when I got married.

I found so many different ideas for invitations and settled on this one:

I love it! It was cute, easy to make and really embodied the party theme.

Spencer and I decided to tackle the cake the night before. 4 hours later, 1 fondant explosion/pinterest gone wrong, and some many rice krispies we ended up with this:

Aniston LOVED it!

I think for our first fondant experience it turned out okay. I did have to run to Walmart right before they closed and buy some fondant, but it is what it is.

We got a 2nd use out of the skirt Aniston wore last year, but I had a cute shirt made up for her with the number 3 on it and I'm pretty sure that made her day!

Aniston also insisted that everyone wear Mickey Mouse party hats. Silly girl!

My Dad helped us out by cutting out a giant Mickey Mouse Head for a bean bag toss. I painted it and sewed up some bean bags and done and done. Hours of fun! I think the adults actually had more fun with it than the kids.

Ani chose to have Mickey's Hot Diggity Dogs. I also included some chili to make chili dogs. I am definitely not a fan of plain hot dogs. We also had Chips and Dale, Clarabell's cookies, Daisy and Donald Garden Veggie Cups, Minnie's Party Punch, and Goofy's Grapes. We also grabbed some Swedish fish, because Aniston thinks they look like Gooey Fish, and that's actually what she calls them.

Aniston got a little shy when we sang to her. I think, even though she had been talking about it for weeks, it was a little overwhelming.

I did make an ice cream cake, but it totally melted on me on the drive out to my parents house. Everyone said it really tasted good though and that's all that matters.

Some of us ate outside for the picnic aspect. let's be honest... It was way too hot! The bowling aspect will be happening later next week.

Aniston was so spoiled by friends and family. We are so thankful and blessed!

Aniston also wanted to have a water fight, so we tried out these water balloons.

The kids had a BLAST! But these balloons do not pop easily. I think we all (meaning the adults) ended up with welts because we where throwing them so hard and they were not popping. But they were super easy and super fast to fill up that's for sure!

We are so thankful for our family and friends for being so amazing and for making Aniston's Birthday spectacular!

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