Friday, July 31, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Huckleberry Picking

My Dad grew up in a small town in Washington named Cusick. Ever heard of it? Probably not. Seriously, it's like population 25. Anyway, when we lived in Deer Park (ever heard of that one), we made the 45 minute drive to Cusick often to go Huckleberry picking in the summer. It's probably one of my most favorite memories! I love Huckleberry pancakes and muffins and ice cream. Anything Huckleberry, I will eat it.

Well Ani somehow got it into her head that she needed to go berry picking, Blueberries for Sal perhaps, and I really love making her wishes come true especially when they can happen for free. So I called up my Dad, the resident berry genius, and he said he knew where some might be, but it was so late in the season that we might not be able to find any at all. All I needed was 3 berries. Aniston only wanted 3 berries. I figured that was at least doable. At least I prayed that it was.

So in Rexburg, people are weird. They will not give you any information whatsoever about where you can find Huckleberries. Seriously, it's the weirdest thing. People are super duper weird about it. Who bloody cares? It's not like the own the land they pick from anyway. But, we found a fantastic patch and picked way more than 3 berries!

Aniston was totally into it at first, she was picking all the berries and leading the way, then she started eating more berries than she was picking, then she got cold and wet (it had rained the night before and was barely 40 degrees) and then she was ready to go.

I don't mind that we picked for less than an hour, I got enough berries to make muffins and she got what she wanted. It was fun to spend time with my Dad and brother and to be able to sing Fiddler on the Roof and Mary Poppins in the wilderness at the top of our lungs.

I know I love my junk food and fast food and everything that's bad for you, but I get a certain satisfaction from picking food from a garden or a bush and eating it. It's kind of one of the most amazing feelings ever. So satisfying.

And I tell you what... Hot, buttery Huckleberry muffins definitely make huckleberry picking with a 3 year old totally worth it! This was totally my first time making muffins from scratch and they were AMAZING!

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