Friday, July 3, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Splash Park

Every time we drive past the Splash Park in Rexburg, Aniston begs to go... even in the dead of winter. I chose an overcast day, when I knew not a lot of people would be there because it is always so crowded! Once in a while some older kids will come in and push the younger ones around, but this day was a perfect day and there were no super aggressive children. Luckily my niece was in town so Aniston had a play buddy. It's such a nice little place for kids to play and get cool off. I can't wait until next year because Benson will definitely be the perfect age to splash around and play.

Next to the splash park is a carousel. Aniston definitely takes after her Mom and LOVES them! We try to go several times throughout the summer because it's something super cheap ($1) and gives her so much happiness! My little brother was able to come with us and  hang out with the girls so that I could watch and chill with Benson.

It's so much fun to be able to watch your kids be happy. If you are looking for a fun free activity for your children in the Rexburg area, I highly recommend checking out the splash park!

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