Saturday, August 31, 2013

DAY 741... Back In The Saddle Again

Well another school year has started which means it's back to work for this mama. I work as the Afterschool Director for South Fork Elementary School in Rexburg. I LOVE my job. It is a huge blessing and it's something that I feel as though I am good at. It can be difficult to hire and fire people, and sometimes the kids can be a little wild, but it's an enjoyable and definitely a rewarding job!!!

Besides work starting up again, we have had our first football games of the season! Last year our varsity football team was undefeated and the Idaho 5A state champs. Last night we lost 33-3. It was kind of a rough start to this season, but I'm hoping that it was just a bad night. The team still had a blast cheering and it's always nice to get that first game out of the way and to put those nerves behind you. PS - our bus driver was 45 minutes late, pretty much drove on the rumble strip the entire drive, and drove 10 miles under the speed limit the entire time. Needless to say, the bus barn will be getting a phone call from me and the dance adviser on Tuesday.
 Waiting for our bus to take us to Poky!
 Varsity before their first game at the Holt Arena!
 My seniors! These 4 kids are AMAZING!
JV getting ready to rock their game!

I did have finals this past week, which means that I get a 3 week break from grad school!!! Hooray! This is my first break in 2 semesters! Only 5 more semesters before I graduate! Really thought, I love the school and I love the program and I have learned so much that has helped me with my coaching!

Aniston is cutting teeth molars and it is NOT pleasant! That really makes coaching and working and school that much more difficult when I have an unhappy baby.

People ask me all of the time how I do it all. Really, it's easy. I wake up and coach, come home do homework and play with Aniston, go to South Fork and work, come home eat dinner and play with Aniston, go to games, come home put Ani to bed, do more homework. Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I eat. But I LOVE to stay busy! Life is suppose to be tough sometimes right? And if this is the tough times then I can definitely take it!

Here's to a GREAT YEAR in every way possible!

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