Saturday, August 3, 2013

DAY 714... Movie Theater Pet Peeves

My awesome Mother came over to do some laundry (their moving truck hasn't made it to Rexburg yet) and she also watched Aniston so that my hot hubby and I could sneak away for a couple hours and have a date!!! How lucky are we?

We decided to hit up Rexburg's awesome movie theater where for only $13 we got 2 tickets, 2 large drinks, and 1 large popcorn. And their popcorn is gooooooooooooood!!! Probably the biggest reason we love living in Rexburg! Seriously, is there any other theater as awesome as that??? We saw World War Z and can I just say that Brad Pitt is looking old? There was one scene where he legit looked 80!!! I did get to see him chewing food so by that standard I can classify it as a good movie. I could watch that man chew all day long! It was a good movie though. It was definitely Spencer's choice, but I was impressed. And what can I say... I kind of LOVE zombie.s We are Walking Dead fans. Also I have decided that I think I want to open up a Zombie Survival Camp and my slogan will be, "It ain't dead, unless you get 'em in the head." I could have t-shirts, bumper stickers, all kinds of cool things. Have I ever told you about my idea for the world's best pumpkin patch???? Maybe this fall I will get into the details.... Anyway it's gonna be awesome!

Pretty much all of my movie theater pet peeves occurred during the movie. (heavy groan) I like LOVE going to the movies! Always have and always will. But some people really can ruin it for others. So here's my list for my movie theater pet peeves....

1. Crying Babies - Plain and simple... get a sitter. If you're not ready to hire a sitter than you're not ready to go to the movies. I hate how when the baby cries the mother assumes that as long as she is standing in the back of the theater, even if the baby is still crying, then it's okay. Not true! I understand this issue completely. 2 weeks after I gave birth to my darling Ani, The Dark Knight Rises came out. I knew I had to see it because 1) Christopher Nolan is INSANELY AWESOME, 2)Christian Bale has been on my Elevator List since I first saw Little Women when I was 8, and 3) I just love myself some Batman. It did not disappoint. But I was nervous to leave my newborn, but I also knew that the movie would be too loud for the infant and I was super nervous about even going to the theater since the incident in Colorado had just occurred. I wanted my baby girl to be safe. But I really needed to see it so I sucked it up and had my Mom who was visiting babysit my child. JUST GET A SITTER!!!

2. Clapping - Why do people feel the need to clap during movies? I just don't get it. I know that exciting things happen during movies and heroic events take place, but clapping makes it seems like you have no life and that your life is fictional, like the movie you are applauding for. I especially don't like it at the end of a movie. It just makes me cringe and feel super awkward when people start clapping. Seriously, I get really rigid and grind my teeth in cringing. JUST SAY NO!!!

3. Cell Phones - I totally understand the importance of having your cell phone on you. I especially understand it if you do have a sitter watching your kids at home. But put your phone on silent, keep it in your lap, and if it rings or if you get a text, take it outside and answer it. Under no circumstances should you answer the phone while you are still in the theater. There is no text that is important enough that you absolutely need to read it or text back while watching a movie. There is nothing on Facebook or Instagram, both of which I am obsessed with, that you need to see immediately. If you are expecting an important call or text and you are just going to the theater to kill time... that's a bad choice. Go walk around the mall or something. JUST BE POLITE!!!

4. Talking/Singing - You think that this would be a given, but so many people feel as though they can talk in a normal or outside voice instead of using their inside voices in order to communicate during a movie. I do not care if the main character looks like someone you use to date, or if you personally think that the actor is the hottest person in the world. I was forced to watch one of the Twilight movies with a theater full of high school cheerleaders.... the screaming that occurred when Jacob took his shirt off will haunt me FOREVER! So unnecessary! Also singing along with background music or the music of a musical is just not cool. Now I love OBSESS over Les Miserables and I had to hold myself back Christmas Day when I went to the theater to watch that masterpiece just so that I wouldn't sing, but I did it. I know every single word to every single song and I still held myself back! No one wants to hear you sing off key. JUST BE CONSIDERATE!!!

5. Loud Children - There are so many movies made for families and kids these days. I understand that those theaters are going to be a little bit louder than an adult aged movie, but in a Zombie movie that's rated PG-13 do not expect me to accept and be understanding of the fact that your 5 year old is going to be singing and yelling and copying every single noise that the Zombies make. Not okay. It is annoying and frustrating. Totally takes away from the enjoyable movie experience. Make a smart decision and JUST GET A SITTER (again) or GO TO A MOVIE FOR KIDS!!!

I figure I should probably stop there before I offend someone. These are just my feelings. I often worry and want to make sure that I am being considerate of all people. I take the same actions with my own child. I want to make sure that she grows up and understands that there are a lot of other people in the world and it's polite to be considerate and thoughtful towards other people, even if they are people you do not know. Sometimes I just wish that people would all be that way. I'm not perfect, but at least I'm trying. How about we all try to be a little more polite?

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