Friday, August 16, 2013

DAY 726... Fun at the Fair

This week was daily doubles at cheer practice. One 2 hour practice in the morning and one 2 hour practice at night. It can be pretty exhausting. I tried to make sure my team was having a blast by incorporating surprises and dance parties. But yesterday, after learning that one of our cheerleaders had a pig in the fair, we decided to go to the fair for bonding time instead of practice time. They basically had an AMAZING week of practice! So impressed with my team this year! LOVE THEM!

The best part about going to the fair was that it is FREE!!!! It doesn't even come close to the fair I use to go to in High School, but we had a BLAST!

I prepared for the fair by heading to our local Cal-Ranch store to check out the clearance section for Ani. I knew I just had to have a cowgirl shirt for her to attend the fair in. It was ridiculously hot, so I paired her cute shirt with shorts and her fake converse shoes. How stinking cute is Ani Kate here??? I am so obsessed with my baby girl!

Ani just loved seeing all the animals, especially the pig... but not so much the Goose. It started honking at her and she did not appreciate that so much. My baby is growing up so fast! She is so independent and just wanted to walk around the fair fearless by herself! Such a brave bunny!

 Loving the pigs!

 Baby goats just Ani's size!!! ADORBS!
 Her favorite animal may or may not have been a dog! Haha!

Running away from the goose.

While Spencer was eating dinner, my family walked by so we were able to spend some time with them at the fair.

 Yes.... We just walked through a giant colon!
3 generations! How fun!

A couple of my girls jokingly asked me to ride Spin Out with them... I surprised them by saying yes! I am too old to be riding those rides! I was so nauseous afterwards! But it was a blast!
 Before the ride... Don't worry, Ani didn't go on the ride with us, actually she didn't get to go on any rides because she was too small. Dreams shattered!
 Mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing ourselves for the ride.
 Lift off!
Done and done!

Since Aniston wasn't able to enjoy the rides, we made sure she had a pickle and a good time in her stroller!

We ended the night with Arctic Circle .79 cent ice cream cones! And of course a courtesy cone for Aniston!
I feel blessed to be able to have such amazing experiences with my little family! Thank goodness for free fairs and family!

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