Monday, August 12, 2013

DAY 716-721... OREGON!!!!!

I needed a break. Spencer needed a break. We all just really needed a break! Ready for a picture overload?
 We left Monday night so that we could drive through the night so that Aniston would be a better traveler. Lucky for us we had 4 drivers in the car, so it was nice to be able to split up the time between us.
 Aniston was not really a very good traveler. I was not surprised. She was loving The Wiggles though! Probably the one thing that could calm her down in the car. Thank goodness we discovered this early on!
 Even a grumpy gus when she fell asleep! Don't worry that her baby is so dirty! She won't let it wear clothes and she won't part with it long enough for me to wash it... Someday I will sneak it away from her.
 2AM gas station stop. Soooooooooooooo tired! Remember how they pump your gas for you in Oregon? BEST THING EVER! Let's be honest though. I didn't know how to pump my own gas until I was in college because of this.
 Loving the greenery and the fresh air of the Oregon mountains!!!! Yes, I am standing in the middle of the highway. I like to live on the edge.
 Aniston was so happy to be out of the car and naked! She loved her cousin Cortney's little chair! She spent most of her time either climbing or sitting on it. I think we may need to purchase one of our own.
 Just a little stunting in the pool. NBD. Not sure why it looks like my swimsuit is a dress, cause it's definitely not... Don't judge!
 We also participated in some water dancing! We are BOMB!
 Pure talent!
 We also had some wicked water fights! Killer pose eh?
Aniston loved her pool break!
 Nana and her 2 grandchildren! So much fun! This was the first time in almost a year that we were able to see my sister and her family.

 I felt like I needed to show some love to Prince George. When I saw this shirt in the store I just knew that I needed it!
 This restaurant was super yummy! I just love myself some Mexican food! Probably my favorite! Definitely my favorite!
 My B.I.L's (brother in law) "new" car.... Very Dwightish. He is a super cool chap.
 Thank goodness for iPad's and Baby Mozart! Isn't she a doll?
 Cortney really wanted to take Ani to the play place at the mall. We got up really early, you know when all the mall walkers were there and played for a while. Cute cousins! Aniston is Cortney's only cousin so it's kind of a big deal that Ani came to Oregon to play with her.
 Look at those pointed toes! Such a cutie!
 Aniston played with this little boy for quite a while. When we told her to say hi to him she tried to kiss him... open mouth! It was a little awkward.
 We thought it would be funny if I took both girls in the Hurricane Simulator with me.
 Ani did NOT enjoy it so much.

Of course we took video of that action!
 Nana got Ani her first Kid's Meal! And she loved it! I didn't know that if your child is under 3 that they give you a special toy! So thoughtful.
Being a baby can be rough and tiring when you're on vacation! That belly!
 I had to take a concussion course for coaching while I was in Oregon and I am just so awesome that I scored 100% on the pre test and the post test! What what?!?!?
 Spencer and I hit up Ross to find some basketball shoes for him and we saw these beauties. Seriously? Who wears a size 20????
 It's fire season in Oregon.... That my friends is straight up smoke! Cough cough! Needless to say I didn't run while I was there like I had hope to.
 We were able to have my sister take pictures for us at this beautiful park in Ashland. Just wait until you see them! She is awesome! And pretty much I could take pictures of Spencer and Aniston together all day long!
 Nana just loving on her girls!
 So much love!
 Haha! She was so over pictures and the animal crackers I had brought to feed her.
 I bought this backpack at Rue 21 to use for a diaper bag and it is AWESOME! Love the color! Love the space! Just love everything about it!
 While Kim was taking pictures of Aniston, Spencer and I took fake senior pictures.... Enjoy these beauties!

 Isn't Oregon just beautiful?

 Spencer was amazed at the wildlife roaming around this park in Ashland. Aniston is her father's child and thought it was incredible as well. They decided that they needed to see how close they could get to the deer. This was the closest they got before scaring off the deer.
 Me and my siblings minus Jason! It was so much fun to spend time together with them! They are a crazy bunch!
 We went blackberry picking and I could not pick enough to keep up with Aniston eating them.
 She LOVED them! Her clothes however did not. I finally got the stains out though!

 Yummy Yummy!
 My child looks so homeless! But that's okay. Blackberries will do that to you.
 Just relaxing, headed to the pool with her homeless hair. She is at that stage where she just pulls everything out of her hair and leaves it all bumpy and gross looking. Silly Ani.
 We also got to play at the splash park. Not as cool as the one we have here in Rexburg, but we still had fun! My child has absolutely no fear of the water. That kind of makes me nervous.
 Good morning Oregon!
 We took Aniston and Cortney to this awesome "castle" park to take pictures together. If I were a kid I'm pretty sure I would live at this park!
 Aniston was playing to hard and feel and bumped her poor little head!
 Cute girl!
 Nana watched the babies for us so that we could have a double date with my sister and her hubby. All you can eat Chinese Buffet!!!! Yummy yummy!
 It was fun (kinda) to wake up to this silly face every morning! But let's be honest! I'm in no rush to share a room with this cutie for a while. She woke up every morning at 6AM!
 Remember how I said it was smokey..... PROTECTION!
 Better to be safe than sorry.
 Headed home!
 This child just does not travel well during the day! Poor Ani!
 My two loves asleep! 
 We took a small detour (give or take 1-2 hours) and hit up the town where I went to high school! Good ole' Redmond, Oregon. So different!
 Ani loves her some Taco Bell. She is my child! She ate the entire cheese roll up!
 I spent every Tuesday during high school at this Taco Bell. Taco Bell Tuesday!!! It was exciting to take my family there and remember the awesomeness that was had there!
 Aniston got bored and thought it would be fun to pour milk all over her body. This was not fun for Mom and I just hate the smell of milk! N-A-S-T-Y!
 Grumpy Guss watching... you guessed it... The Wiggles!
 We broke the law and gave in to her crying and held her while in the middle of nowhere where the speed limit was only 55. What is up with that Oregon?
 Just wanted to be home!
 My BFF Gilbert (not her real name) meeting my Ani for the first time!
 I just loved being able to see Gilbert and Ian! Seriously 2 of my most favorite people in the world! Totally worth the pit stop in Boise to be able to say hi!!! Thinking I need to move to Texas to be closer to them and to get away from the cold of course.
 I just LOVE her!!!!
 Had to fuel up on my favorite caffeinated drink!
 So ready to be HOME!!!!

So here's a fun game for you! Guess whose plate is whose????? PS - This was plate #2 for everyone.

Basically, Oregon was amazing, but 13 hour car rides and smoke air just aren't much fun!

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