Thursday, August 22, 2013

DAY 732... Nield Photography Does the Ahlstrom's

Family pictures!!! I just LOVE them! But let me tell you what... Taking pictures is a thousand times harder with a baby! But I think that my sister did a pretty good job. If you are in the Medford, OR area and need pictures GO TO HER! Check her blog out here. Ready to see them????

 I know what you are thinking... These people are AWESOME! I know. Yes, we scaled a 10 foot rock to take this picture and yes it was dangerous... but it was soooooooooooooooo worth it! We gave Aniston Kate the Pride Rock treatment! She is now officially part of the family!
 Ignore the fact that I look pregnant, cause I'm 100% not, and just look at Ani's face! What a doll!
 Once again, that face! This park was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! So cute!
 My husband does such a good job of making our baby laugh! She ADORES her daddy!
 This is one of my favorites! I wish Ani had smiled, but despite that it still turned out beautiful!
 I am too lazy to move this picture to the end of the post, but we tried to get some of Aniston and her cousin Cortney together... they just weren't ready for that yet, but they look mighty cute in their matching dresses!
 This is the faced that Aniston makes like 73.9% of the time she is awake. It's only fitting that we would all do it together for a photo!
 These two people are my world and they look fantastic together!
 Super cute!
 I just love how little Aniston looks! She is so not a tiny baby, but this picture just reminds me of how small she really is!
 Awwwww. What a cute couple eh?
 Kim insisted on senior picturing me.... She did a good job.
 That smile!
 This is my other favorite picture of the bunch! I cannot believe how perfect Ani's smile is! So gorgeous!
 As serious as can be.
 This little lady is such a ham and just so cute! 
 She loved being able to be on her own side on the bench.
Ani and Mom checking out the ducks!
Another cute cousin picture!

We had so much fun taking pictures! I can't wait to order them and get them up on my walls!!! Thanks Kim!

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