Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DAY 729... Childhood Cancer Awareness

I think that every coach out there has specific things that they want to promote while they are coaching. For me, I knew that it would be important to be involved in the community and support worthy causes. As a team so far this year (really school hasn't even started but cheerleading is a year round sport baby) we have had a few opportunities to show our support for several illnesses and to volunteer our time to help those who aren't as healthy as we are blessed to be. My team has been AMAZING in being supportive and happy and wanting and willing to give what they can.

Today we had a photo shoot for Be The Gold. This is a Childhood Cancer Awareness Movement and it is AWESOME! You can check out there website and information here. Seriously, is there a better cause to show your support for?

About 2 weeks ago, a girl I knew from high school suffered a tragic loss. Her sweet beautiful baby girl who was only 4 months older than my little Ani Kate died from cancer. I cannot even imagine the heartache and the sense of loss that a mother would feel losing her baby in such an awful way. I could never stand by my baby knowing that she was in pain but that there was nothing that I could do. I would feel so helpless and distraught. My heart just breaks for her over and over again. No parent should ever have to go through losing a child. Don't judge me that I'm totally crying right now.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to have my team featured online for such a wonderful cause!

I snapped a few pictures while the professional ones were being taken and those can be viewed here. And the ones that I have seen look incredible!

I am just so proud to be a coach to such a great group of role models. I am the LUCKIEST coach out there without a doubt!

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