Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DAY 731... Always Recording my Baby

I pretty much take pictures and record everything that my Aniston Kate does. Last night she gave us a couple of super fun videos...

I am still dying over this! My chubby bunny, who isn't really chubby at all, literally broke the seat belt on the cart. We tried to put it back on her after we stopped laughing and sure enough... it was broke. I just love her face after the seat belt snapped! Priceless! Sorry Walgreens.

Aniston LOVES animals! Her favorite animal is a bear. She pretty much just runs around growling at people... LOVE IT!

Yes I am a parent who is head over heels for my child and who probably posts way too much about her, but I just want to always savor and remember these moments! Plus, I can't wait to show them to her prom date when she's in high school!

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