Sunday, September 1, 2013

D.Y.I. No Sew Hair Bows

Sometimes I am just too lazy to do my hair. It's long, it's incredibly thick, and I am super busy. Having something that I can just throw in my hair quickly can actually make it look like I actually spent time trying to get ready. I easily whipped out 10 of these bows during 1 episode of Revenge... So about 40 minutes. Easy, quick and super cute! Basically I have a lot of random extra fabric and there's really nothing else that you can do with those small pieces so this is just the perfect craft!

The pictures, whenever I take them on my iPad, always decide what way they want to turn, so sorry if the pictures are a little wild.

Fabric - At least 12 inches long and 8 inches wide
Mini Zip Ties
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

 I found these clips at Sally's Beauty Supply. Love that place!

When you have your piece of fabric,  cut a 1 inch piece off the end off either end. You will need this to wrap around the middle of the bow a little later.
Take your larger piece of fabric, about 10 inches by 6 inches. You can really just use any size depending on how big or small you want your bow. Glue a line across the top of the fabric as it sits horizontally. Fold it over to the middle of the fabric.
 Repeat on the other side.
 Do the same now to the ends of the folded fabric and fold in. Make sure you glue down vertically on the ends this side. It works best of you have a long enough piece of fabric that the ends can meet in the middle once folded.
 Next, take the zip tie and place it in the middle of the fabric and pull tight. Pull the corners of the bow to make sure that you have wide ends of the bow. Cut off the tail of the zip tie.
 Remember your 1 inch strip that you cut off your fabric at the beginning? Flip to back side of fabric and glue down vertically on both sides and fold them into the middle.
 Skinny little fabric.
 Flip bow over to the back and glue a clip to the back of the bow. Just be careful of the hot glue... I burned myself several times and that's no fun.
 Place a dot (a generous dot) of hot glue on the front middle of the bow over top the zip tie and place the tiny folded fabric in the center of the bow.
 Turn the bow over and add glue to the back of the tiny fabric and fold over under the top half of the clip.
 Cut remainder of fabric off after the fabric has been folded over the bow and clip. Do this also to the other side of the fabric, and make sure to cut it off so that it's not visible from the front of the bow. Be generous with your glue. The more glue, the better in my opinion!
 Then you should have your finished bow!
 Easy, easy , easy!

I have worn my bows with buns, ponytails, and just to pull back a small section of hair. Super cute and dresses up even the most simple of hairdos! Next step, to make matching ones for my little Ani! What's the point of having a little girl if you can't be twinsies every now and then?

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