Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Munchies... Corn on the Cob

What is Labor Day without a BBQ? Even if it's raining and a little chilly. I LOVE BBQ's! There is just something AMAZING about them! Hooray for me that my family moved here and have a killer BBQ! Now let's talk about something else I love... Corn on the Cob!!! Having braces was the worst 2 1/2 years of my life because I could not eat corn on the cob! Pretty sure I ate about 5 of them the day I got my braces off. let's be honest here though, you know I attempted to eat it... definitely busted 3 brackets and my orthodontist was not too happy, and it was pointless because I never even really got to taste the corn. Now I am super low maintenance. It's just how I have always been. I guess I can be confusing to people since I am so involved with cheerleading, people assume that I would be high maintenance... not the case with this cookie. I can be ready in 2 minutes no matter what I've been doing. I like to have things be amazing, but I need them done quickly. That is why this recipe is AMAZING!

Shopping List:
Aluminum Foil

1. Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees.

2. Shuck your corn! My husband just happens to be especially talented when it comes to this! I am one lucky gal!

3. Tear a generous sheet of aluminum foil. I would say about 15 inches long.

4. Take your naked corn and spread butter along the entire outside of the corn.

5. Salt and pepper the entire ear of corn.

6. Roll in aluminum foil.

7. Place corn directly on the oven rack and leave for 25 minutes.


This one his a HUGE hit with not only my husband, but the kids! It's quick and easy and gives you 25 minutes to be able to get the rest of your delicious meal ready while the corn cooks! So Yummy!!!!!

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