Saturday, September 7, 2013

DAY 748... Poison, Puppies & my Peppy Peeps

It has been a ROUGH week for me. Rough might be a understatement actually... I really just felt off and super sick all week. Aniston was also acting sick and weird and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Until we heard about the Chobani recall. A couple weeks ago I noticed an awesome sale on Chobani Greek yogurt, so I bought a bunch. Yeah turns out the ones I bought, after Ani and I ate half of them, were recalled due to mold. It's nice to know why I was feeling sick, but kind of makes me feel like a crappy Mom. I fed my baby mold? Really? Not cool. We are both feeling better, I would say we're at 80% now, but still, it was an awful week to be that sick. I still worked about 40 hours and coached, thank goodness school is on break! But that's real life right? That's just how things go sometimes.

During the JV football game Thursday night, one of my cheer mom's brought her puppy Dax. Aniston was IN HEAVEN!!!! Seriously, her smile and dimples! That alone makes me want a dog! But then I start thinking about Marley and Me and I remember dogs die... not cool. But really anything that can bring that much happiness and joy to my baby, definitely has a place in my heart.

Look at me and my BFF. I just love her to death!

I need to take a moment and just talk about this AMAZING group of teenagers!

Don't they look dang good? These kids are some of my best friends! They know everything about me! They give me advice (it's hilarious), they babysit my baby, they visited me in the hospital when I had my baby. We sing together, we dance together, we laugh and cry together, we are a family! I am so thankful and so blessed that I get to be their coach!

Work starts officially next week, meaning my employees start working. It's also Mini Cheer Clinic and halftime performance week. Our first (of 3) Varsity Home Football games, my 2nd wedding anniversary, and who knows what else week.

Just Breathe..........

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