Sunday, September 8, 2013

DAY 749... Affordable Blessings

Those of you who know me well, know that I am not a fan of our President. I'm not going to go in to detail as to why I feel this way because my reasons for these feelings is not the purpose of this post. I would appreciate people avoiding telling me a thousand reasons why I'm wrong too. Opinions are immunity to being told your wrong thank you very much! I am thankful to live in a country where I am able to write this post and express my feelings completely without worrying about persecutions. Having so many freedoms really is an AMAZING blessing! Probably a blessing that I too often fail to recognize.

Spencer and I have been doing a lot of studying, research, and putting a lot of thought into the idea of health insurance. My plan at work had increased from $87 a month to $307 due to the new laws that will be falling into place soon... And that is only health, not vision, not dental for me only, not Spencer and not Aniston. Affordable healthcare huh Obama??? Seems like your plan is working so far. To add me to Spencer's student plan would increase it from $300 a semester to $1500 a semester. That increase is also due to new laws... Explain to me how this is affordable! But really don't. I know that some people feel like they know everything but the only person i want an explanation from is the President himself. I have been stressing out a lot about this lately and I felt like it was important to make the correct decision. Trust me when I say that if we could pack up and move to Canada, until this country gets its head screwed on straight, we would!!!! In a heartbeat! Other plans that we considered would not give us the coverage that we need and will need in the future without costing us even more than both of our options. And in case you think I am the exception, my Dad just had a new faculty meeting at the University he will be teaching at and he was told that their insurance would increase by 80% in the next year due to these laws. Explain that one?!?! Just not cool in a thousand ways!

After going through all the numbers and going through the pros and cons of all our options, we went to bed without a decision made. Believe me when I say I really didn't sleep much that night. Due to the deadline for enrollment through my work we have to make a decision by Tuesday. When we woke up the next morning Spencer had an email from the University saying that a change had been made to his financial aid. When I pulled up his information I discovered that Spencer received an additional scholarship for the exact amount that the insurance would cost us per semester. What a blessing!!!!!! We have been working hard to follow our religious beliefs and to pay our tithing, and for me I believe that this blessing is a result of those choices we have been making. I feel good knowing that even if my country does not have my best interest in mind at least my Heavenly Father does. That's always reassuring and truly that is what matters most.

I have had so many people tell me to just quit working and get on government assistance since Spencer and I are both students, and that idea is tempting. Free anything is always tempting! But then I remember that I am a capable, responsible, smart and hardworking productive member of society. If I can work while getting a higher education and being a mom and a wife, I will do it! I will not take the easy way out! I will set a better example for my daughter. I will not be lazy! I will do what I need to do and count down the days until our country starts focusing on what's really important and takes care of the true problems that we are struggling with instead of making up and passing silly laws just so that it looks like something is being done.

Until then, I will continue to be eternally thankful for all of my blessings, my family, my religion, my life, my job, my values, and my gracious and loving Heavenly Father.

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