Sunday, March 31, 2013

DAY 572... My Easter Bunny

Today was a PERFECT Easter Sunday!!! Can I just you how AMAZING holidays are when you have a child? Everything from dressing them up, to buying them gifts, to just having your own little family to make traditions with and to laugh with. We laugh a lot in our house. Mostly it's Spencer laughing at me... I can be pretty entertaining when I'm super tired. 

We started out the day by listening to Aniston play in her crib in her room. She is so happy in the morning time, it's a blast listening to her sing and play with her bear. Speaking of this bear... I worry about him. His name is Sargento (first of all because I love cheese  and secondly because I think it will be funny to listen to her try to pronounce it in the future) and I have a suspicion that he is molested daily. Ani loves having him in her crib, since I don't let her have anything else, but that poor bear...

Once we got her out of her room we took her out to see her Easter basket. She thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Nana and Papa for sending some gifts! Daddy enjoyed and is still enjoying his iTunes gift card and I got this super cute sign that I have been wanting FOREVER! 

Let's talk about the stressful task of finding Aniston Kate an Easter dress. So I decided after Christmas that I wanted to find a dress with sleeves for Easter. Her Christmas dress had sleeves and I just think that it looks so much cuter than a sleeveless dress with a sweater... Plus she has plenty of those already. Everywhere I looked I couldn't find anything that I liked. So I began searching online, and everything was like $60. Seriously? For a baby dress that she is going to fit in for all of 2 months? I don't think so. When we were down in Utah a few months ago I saw this beautiful little dress at Target. We didn't buy it though because I figured I would find something better. Well I didn't. So I looked online at Target and the dress wasn't there! I searched under the brand and still couldn't find it. Then I went to the Target in Idaho Falls and they didn't have it! Basically I was freaking out. So when I went to cheer state and Spencer went to Utah we knew it was up to him to get that dress. Let's be honest... that made me incredibly nervous! Guys just don't view clothing the same as women do. But he found it, bought it, and Ani Kate wore it today! It was perfect! She wasn't really feeling up to picture taking, but we got a couple that will do.
 Aniston likes to experiment with smiles... This is her latest one... 

Apparently church on Easter Sunday is just too much for some people.

Aniston actually did really well today at church. So well in fact that we were able to stay for the entire 3 hours! She did decide around hour 2 to sing as loud as she possibly could... very entertaining. Very irreverent and disruptive, but still entertaining. Do I even need to mention how I cried like 4 times during church today? I am a crier! Not very awesome.. At one point I was flat out sobbing! Those darn Mormon messages. This was the one they showed today during Sunday School. I dare you to make it through this short video without crying. I double dog dare you!
All of these videos can be found on youtube under Mormon Messages, and they are all just so awesome! 

We stopped by the temple to take a few pictures as a family.

In case you're wondering why my child isn't wearing shoes... She pulled off her sandals and decided she would rather eat them then wear them. Gross.

We came home and ate our AMAZING Easter dinner which consisted of Ham with pineapple,  funeral potatoes, and deviled eggs with a roll. I know I skipped the veggies, but we ate them for lunch so oh well. Dinner also consisted of a lengthy conversation about whether or not funeral potatoes were appropriate to eat on Easter... Any thoughts?

We couldn't resist going for a walk since it was 61 degrees, in March, in Rexburg! It was BEAUTIFUL! We had to stop when we found a basketball... Aniston was definitely entertained by our attempt at playing basketball.

Now we're going to end our Sunday with the windows open, the season finale of one of our favorite shows, and some all fruit Popsicles. Sounds like the perfect Easter to me!
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my man burns???? They show up in sooooooooooo many pictures. Like the one above. They ruin my pictures all the time!
Hope everyone had a wonderful day! 

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