Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DAY 544... Eight Months Old!!!!

Not a day goes by when I don't look at this beautiful face and consider myself lucky. I am amazed at the fact that this is my daughter and that Spencer and I made such a beautiful little human! No idea how I got to be so lucky! Seriously though... both of us were so judgemental about other people's babies (I know that's awful) we were sure we were going to get cursed with a super ugly baby. But we got the complete opposite!!!!!

I can't believe how fast Aniston is growing! She is acting and looking more and more like a little person every day!

She loves to gives us the most cheesy grins ever now! This started in the past week and I cannot get enough of it! Definitely not a pretty smile, but it is so ridiculously adorable that I can't help but to laugh every single time it happens.... which is usually once every 3 minutes. Like I said, I am one lucky Momma.

Ani has also started her war cry stage... I'm assuming this is a stage. When provoked or even just because, she will let out this wonderful sound. Pretty sure this girl will speak Spanish like a boss! Rolling those R's like it's no ones business. Please excuse her crazy morning hair.

Ani is interested in any and all food! Nothing is safe within the reaches of Ani Kate!!!! She will do whatever is necessary in order to reach her goal. Cell phones, iPods, and especially food are her main targets.

She sleeps and eats like a champ! She is the one who lets us know that it's time for a nap.

She is becoming more and more attached to Spencer and I. She still loves anyone who will give her attention, but she will reach for either of us if we aren't holding her. And sometimes she'll even cry for a specific parent.

She likes to pose in pictures for us now...

She is about ready to crawl!!!! She pushes herself up onto her knees and rocks, but it hasn't gone further than that yet.

Aniston Kate is getting teeth!!!! Her two front bottom teeth are coming in and she has done well considering how painful that is! If you look closely in the video of her war cry you can see them pretty good.

Ani will also click her tongue to mimic someone around her who does it.

She is starting to love to play by herself. Sometimes it is actually what she really wants and she will fuss until she just gets that alone time. Sometimes she gets stuck in her toys...

She is still practicing daily for her future career as a cheerleader...

Basically I consider myself so incredibly lucky! Being a Mom is the most rewarding thing ever! I just can't wait to see who Aniston will become!

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  1. That video is to DIE for! She is so stinkin smart. Love her!