Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DAY 555-557... State Cheer

Wow!!! What an AMAZING weekend! I kind of don't even know where to start. Maybe I'll start with how AWESOME these girls performed over the weekend!!! They have never ever performed their routines this perfect! It gave me goosebumps every time they performed!!! I just can't get over their performances! Basically I'm OBSESSED! All of their performances are on my facebook thanks to awesome cheer moms!

We all had so much fun! We did goofy things and took so so so many pictures! I had a blast! And since my sweet little Ani Kate went to Utah with Spencer for the weekend, I got to sleep solid at night! Something I hadn't done since before I was pregnant really! But man oh man did I miss the 2 of them!
 The nerd in me begged the girls to take a picture with the Easter Bunny at the mall! These are our Bobcat paws.
 We are only a little obsessed with our new hoodies! They say "Cheer Hard Or Not At All!" And the color is AMAZING!!!!
 Ready to get this competition started! Seriously, cheerleaders bring more luggage for a 7 hour competition than most people bring for a 2 week vacation! Love it!
 I don't even need to tell you who just had to have a picture with the build a bear....

 We are only a tad bit obsessed with our red lipstick!!! Captain and Co-Captain! Love them both!
 Coaches with our co-captain
 Why on earth am I bending in half for this picture???? Weirdo

So let's get to the good stuff... After all 4 of our AMAZING performances we took 1st in state for our Show routine (which if we were to go to nationals, this is the one we would take... and definitely win with) and our Pom routine. Our Stunt group took 2nd, and our super cute and AWESOME Sideline took 4th. Basically the judges hated it and we are still a little confused as to why. Anyway for Madison's first year being 5A, no one was really expecting much out of us. No one knew what to think really. But we definitely got people talking! When it came down to naming the Grand Champion we lost by .5 of a point! No other teams were close. But we stinking lost by stinking .5 of a point to last year's champion's. That's a tough loss. It helped that every other single team there told us that we were robbed and let us know how awesome we did. My girls performed so awesome! I have no regrets for them! It just means that next year we need to be doubly awesome because now we have to win!!!! Challenge accepted!

Also can we talk about how 4 hours after I left for Boise, my baby started crawling???? What the heck Ani Kate???? How is that fair? Spencer did video it and send it to me ASAP, but still. She is growing up so fast! I cannot get over it!!!

Aniston and Spencer did have a super fun time in Utah. He took her to the zoo for the first time ever (I missed everything this weekend obviously and I'm really really upset about it), but per request he took a ton of pictures and he even did her hair!!! So cute!
 Apparently she was super tired! She never cuddles with me!!!! She has favorites that naughty child!

 So happy to be with her Daddy!
She is bigger than a baby monkey!!!! What the heck!!! Stop. Growing. Up!

Oh and also on the way to Boise, while waiting in line at a Jack in the Box, I totally got hit on by a much younger and a much more ethnic man than myself. He turned to me in line and asked "What are you?" I was kind of confused and I answered "Umm.... a human." He then said "Well I saw a bunch of you get off a bus." So I said, "Oh we are going to Boise for cheer state." To this he responded with, "Well if you ever need someone to throw you up in the air I could give you my number." I immediately stuck my left hand up in the air, pointed to my insanely gorgeous wedding ring and said, "27. Married. Have a baby." Done and done.
I love these girls so much! Going to a new year with a new team is always hard, but I am serious when I say that as a whole this team is unbelievable! We have had so much fun and they all work so hard and are so talented! I'm still in shock that I have had the amazing experience of coaching such a talented group of girls!
I am so blessed!!!!

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