Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DAY 548... Weekend Nonsense

It seemed as though Spring had arrived Saturday morning and Spencer and I have been dying to spend time outside, so we decided to go for a morning run. Okay, so I decided it would be a good idea to run, and as it turns out, I was the one who died about 3.4 seconds into the running. Spencer is a good man for putting up with me.
Ani loved being in her stroller! She loved it so much in fact that she eventually fell asleep! And let's be honest a good run isn't complete without a little pole dancing. Haha. I am a little bit of a weirdo.

And did you notice my shirt????? Just thought I would stir up some emotions bright and early on Saturday.... Such the rebel. Really I thought of it as a social experiment.... Would people really express their feelings about this whole senior prank nonsense obviously? And the answer... definitely yes.

We really just had such an amazing time that morning! And the best part about it was getting the mail on the way home and getting a letter from my high school cheerleader bestie Nichole with a Taco Bell gift card in it!!!!! BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVER!!! Two years ago she flew out to Utah to spend my birthday week with me and it was AMAZING!!!!

Don't worry that I still own and wear every single item of clothing in these pictures.... I'm cheap and I can't throw anything away! Hoarder in training!!!!

And then she drove all the way to Utah from Oregon for my wedding. I only got to see her like 30 minutes that day, but she still came!!! She is AMAZING and I can't wait for her to meet Aniston!
Please ignore the awkward hand.... I never know what to do with the outside hand. I need to watch more celebrity TV and learn the art of the outside hand.

Aniston is learning to smile at the camera on demand!!! I LOVE it! Being a Mom basically rocks!!! Everyone should try it at least once!

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