Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Love... Part 3

Is there anything better than finding new things that you just realize that you can't live without?????  I just love it!!!! Here are some new things that I have recently become obsessed with.

RESOLVE MAX SPRAY. Aniston can be quite the messy baby; therefore, her clothes can become quite messy. We tried everything to get those nasty stains out but nothing was working. Her clothes still came out of the dryer all stained and gross. I sent Spencer to the store for one last attempt to get her clothes clean and he came home with this. This stuff took out all of her stains on her clothes. Even the crusty old stains that I thought would be stuck on those cute clothes forever!!! This stuff is so strong, yet gentle enough for a baby's clothes and her sensitive skin. I have even used it on a new shirt of mine that I spilled taco meat (from Taco Bell of course) on. And it worked! It takes any and all stains out of clothing no matter what it is or how long the stain has been there. LOVE IT!!!

SERTA KING SIZE BED. So back in December we had to buy a new bed. When I say had, I mean had. Our old bed was mine that I had had for 14 years, one of my brothers had used it as a slide and dented in one side, and the kicker was that the springs were starting to poke through the bed and scratch and hurt us. Who lives like that? Well thankfully Rexburg, even though they don't have a super Walmart or a Target, has a mattress outlet, so we were able to get a killer, and I am not even joking, deal on a new bed. We decided to go with king size because Spencer is kind of tall and I like my space when I sleep. Seriously this bed is AMAZING! So comfortable and AWESOME. I am sleeping so much better! It's basically to the point that when even I stay at hotels, I just want to be home because my bed at home is so much more comfortable! That's when you know it's good!!!

BABY FOOD POUCHES. Why on earth did we wait until Aniston was 8 months old to even get these? They are AMAZING! Obviously amazing is the word of the day.... Aniston is at the perfect age for these. She is always wanting to feed herself, but let's be honest, she can't. With these pouches she is able to feed herself and leave a minimal mess. I think that she also loves that they are mixed fruits with veggies and not just one plain flavor. They are also organic, which I guess is a good thing right? These are perfect for on the go feeding, which in our house is becoming a necessity. I really hope Ani is going through a growth spurt because she is eating like a 14 year old boy! I love all the flavors available and pretty much everything about the easiness and awesomeness of them all.
I'm headed to Boise tomorrow for Cheer State... Go Bobcats... and I have every intention on discovering things I love when it comes to travelling!!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

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