Monday, March 11, 2013

TV Review... Prison Break


One of our favorite past times in the Ahlstrom household is discovering new shows on Netflix. Okay, so let's be honest, these shows obviously aren't new, but to us they are. And the best thing about it is that you don't have to wait a week in between each new episode! And in some cases, the best cases, you can watch the entire series without waiting on commercials or years! Love it!

So a few weeks ago we finally decided to start watching Prison Break.

We were immediately HOOKED!!!

The idea of the show is brilliant  Basically a brother getting purposely sent to jail in order to be able to break his brother out of jail. The kicker is that the brother who was already in prison, Lincoln, was on death row.... but wait, it gets better.... he is on death row for a crime that he didn't commit. He was set up by, duh duh duh... The Company.

So Michael, the mastermind brother who purposely got sent to prison, went to college as an engineer and is just insanely smart! So before he got sent to jail he studied the prison in depth and had the blueprints of the prison, as well as his plan to break out of the prison. tattooed on his body. Now obviously since Michael is a genius it wasn't an obvious design, it was CRAZY!

Now there are 4 seasons of this show, which at times, let's be honest, seems like way too many, but every time you begin to wonder how they can keep this show going, something amazingly crazy happens and it keeps you hooked instead of getting over the show. Very talented and smart writers!

Spencer and I grew super attached to the characters and the story line.

Okay now for the major spoilers!!! I'm serious.... if you haven't seen it and read this and then decide to watch the show you will be so sad. I still cannot decide if this show had the best season finale I've ever seen or possibly the worst. Throughout the show Michael continually gives people more chances than they deserve. He is smart, talented and just a very good person. He has a good heart! You spend 4 seasons with him and experiencing his emotions. You experience heartbreak, relief, sadness, stress and so many more emotions with him. And he dies at the end!!!!! I could not stop crying! Obviously I'm still not over this and I finished this show last week! After the final episode however, there was an extra show that explained how he died. And he died protecting his wife. So honorable! He protected her from death, prison, and from his imminent death all while she was pregnant!!! It was probably one of the most touching moments I have ever seen in a TV show (slightly behind Jim's proposal to Pam on The Office), but so upsetting that the one really good guy who didn't deserve to have something like that happen to him has to end up that way. And he was the one who saved everyone from everything!

*Things that will happen if you watch Prison Break*

-You will have dreams about breaking out of prison and being s fugitive on the run
-You will have dreams of being in prison
-You will occasionally talk in T-Bag's accent during your routine life (awful awful character)
-You will change your mind about characters you thought you hated... many times
-You will be amazed
-You will cry
-You will not be able to stop watching (Spencer and I frequently would watch the first 10 minutes of the next episode before we could go to sleep).
-You will be annoyed that when they're in Utah and there are no mountains
-You will be surprised many times
-You will wish that you were as smart as Michael
-You will wonder if they ever eat or sleep
-You will wish that you had watched this TV series a long long time ago

Basically it was a great show. My heart is still sad at how they ended it, but I'm glad it ended with Michael as the hero.

Basically I give this show 4 1/2 stars out of 5. The 1/2 star I'm taking away because of Micheal's death. My heart is just so broken because of that! But still worth the watch!!!

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