Monday, March 25, 2013

DAY 565... Apartment Problems

Sometimes a person just needs to vent... and that's what's about to happen here.... I'm giving you a fair warning in case you don't enjoy venting...

We LOVE our apartment! It's really perfect for our little family. We have high ceilings, a ton of storage, and 2 bedrooms which works perfectly for Ani. However, we have run into a problem...
People have decided to store all of their junk right outside our front door!!! GROSS! Since we are on the bottom floor we have this ledge right outside our door that is under the stairs. Apparently people think that this means that they can put their junk there. Apparently they don't know me.

It's my opinion that if you choose to live in community housing, it's only polite to keep things clean and tidy. I understand that not all people choose to live a clean and tidy lifestyle, but when you live in community housing, you have no choice. It actually even says it in the contract that people sign when they move in that you need to keep it clean and that you can't store things under the stinking stairs.
And yes... That is a young boys sock there... Really??? Trashy. I don't want to appear trashy or gross! This really really bothers me!

Despite our efforts to have the junk removed, it still remains. Believe me when I say that I am tired of contacting the management. It's a little annoying that they can't even uphold their own rules. After I contacted them, the safety office (some of the stuff stored under the stairs is labeled corrosive... I have a baby really?), and the upper management, I finally got a promise that they would be removed by tomorrow. Keep in mind that this is after I was promised they would be removed on Friday.

Oh yeah... and that BBQ grill has been there since we moved in... a year ago! Nothing really bothers me more than people in charge not being capable of doing their jobs... (cough Obama cough).

Being a boss myself I understand how difficult it is to discipline and uphold guidelines and rules, but I have learned, most recently, that it's worth it. I recently had to bring down the house on my employees... slackers (really I love them though)... and apparently I earned a lot of respect from some of my employees for doing it. I know it's hard, but it's necessary! You can't be worried about  what other people are going to think about you... BE A MAN!!!

Venting Completed...

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