Friday, March 29, 2013

DAY 570... Firsts At The Park

Finally Rexburg decided to warm up enough for us to be able to take Aniston to the park. I have been DYING to take her to the park! I keep seeing all of these adorable pictures of everyone else's babies in swings or on the slides, and I couldn't wait to be able to get Aniston to the park.!!! I am very excited about this so be prepared for an AMAZING amount of exclamation marks!!!

Yesterday when I got home from work, we took Ani Kate out to the little playground here at our apartment complex to play on the slide. Basically, she was not impressed, and it made me super depressed....
 She is so unimpressed at this point...

 This is her "really Dad?" face
 She was getting kind of mad at this point... Still think she is insanely adorable!
Seriously though, some of the best faces ever!!! Aniston is super animated; therefore, she is super entertaining! Works for me because I definitely couldn't handle a boring baby.

Don't even worry... I took a video of the very first time down the slide with Dad!

This morning I decided it was time to go to the park for a few minutes and give the swings a try.

BEST DECISION EVER!!!! Aniston loved the swings!!! 
These might be some of the best pictures of her! She could not stop smiling! I can't wait to take her back for more!

Look at her adorable bottom 2 teeth!!! I thought that I was going to miss her gummy smiles, but she got even cuter (if that's even possible) when her teeth made their appearance.
Okay... Seriously her dimples! I cannot believe how insanely lucky I am to have created such an adorable baby girl! 

This was the perfect age to take her to the park! It was obvious that she really loved the swings and it wasn't just in my head. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be the best summer ever!!!

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