Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I Love... Travel Edition

Everyone has certain things that they just need and cannot live without when they travel!!! I made sure to pay close attention to what those things were to me while I took my trip to Boise last weekend. Pretty sure after you read this, you are always gonna want to have these things with you too!!!!

1. Good Music!!!! Good music is so stinking important! when you are going to be sitting on a bus for 5+ hours, music is not a want... It's a NEED! And don't even be jealous that I was listening to One Direction... Hanging around high school kids and elementary aged kids will do this to ya. Also I am obsessed with Imagine Dragons right now. Les Miserables... Perfection, and Bruno Mars is so soothing... and I was soooooo sick on the bus.

2. iPod. If you're gonna listen to music you might as well have something to listen to it on. I love love love my iPod touch! I've had it forever and I seriously do not go anywhere without it! It's basically full of my life! Photos, music, videos, awesomeness...

3. Skull Candy Headphones! These are my newest toy. My sweet husband bought them for me because he knows how much I hate that ear buds never stay in and that I need my music to sound AMAZING! Don't you just love my "artistic" picture??? I was actually so overwhelmed with car sickness it was AWFUL!

4. Travel pillow and blanket. Whenever I sleep I have to have the weight of a blanket on me. And why on earth would you take a nap without a pillow? This one I inherited through marriage. Love it! And since it was a cheer trip, I had to bring my cheer blanket with me!!!

5. Snacks!!! These snacks were specfically chosen due to the fact that I was sick. I hadn't been drinking soda, but Sprite always calms my stomach down... and so does Lemon Heads. Weird right? Don't care. They're delicious!!!! And the wheat thins are just plain and so salty and tasty!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE snacks!

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