Friday, April 5, 2013

DAY 577... 9 Months Old!!! And Possibly the CUTEST video you have ever seen!

I am in shock, that it has been 9 months since my beautiful little Aniston Kate came into this world! Why does time past so slowly while you're pregnant, but than goes so stinking fast after the baby is here? It's a little bit unfair.

I love looking at her 3-5 month pictures and seeing how chubby she got!!! I love just looking at her wearing the same thing every month since she was 1 month old! She changes so much! I cannot get over how BLESSED I am!

I really feel like this past month has been such a HUGE growing and developing month for Ani. Here's a list of things my amazingly smart baby is capable of doing now...

Crawling like a crazy person! I was definitely not prepared for the speed that this child could crawl at.

Eats an entire jar of baby food, stage 2, in 2 minutes or less.

Says "Dada" all the time. So unfair.... Doesn't she know that "Mama" is the word that she should say first? If you say "hi" to her, she tries to say it back, but it comes out more like "i". Are you ready for just how cute and incredibly smart my baby is????

She pulls herself up to a standing position on everything! Not sure I'm ready for her to start walking yet.

She's eating real snacks. I am super excited to give her goldfish today for the first time! But she loves her baby puffs or the all natural Cheetos. And we all know she loves Oreos... but she's only had those twice.

She has 2 beautiful little teeth and she knows how to use them... trust me. I have been bit more than once.

She is cuddling!!! I cannot even express how much I love this! She was not s cuddly baby, but now she is getting the hint that Mom still hasn't lost all the baby weight and is actually quite comfortable to sleep on.

She shows her preferences.  We have begun to introduce Ani Kate to new things like the swings and slides and toys and it's becoming more and more obvious what things she likes and what she doesn't. This pretty much makes life way more fun!!! It also gives us some great insight to her personality.

I really could go on and on about how amazing my daughter is, but really I don't want to waste that time writing about it. I would rather be spending it with that AMAZING little girl!!!

Thank you for such a phenomenal 9 months!

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