Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Aniston... Part 3

Dear Aniston,

It was only 15 days after you were born that the tragic shootings in Colorado occurred.  I remember thinking at that time that I must be crazy to bring a baby into this world. Since you have been born, not only did those terrible shootings at the movie theater occur, but the horrific events at Sandy Hook and now at the Boston Marathon. All of these events and so much more in only 9 months! I feel like before 9-11 we didn't really live in fear, but now we can't go to the movies, we can't go to school, and we can't even run, without the fear of something terrible happening. I'm so sad for you. I never want to keep you from knowledge and from the truth, but how can I expose you to these events and still be considered a good parent? Of course right now you don't understand what's going on, but when you get older, you will understand, and you will ask questions, and honestly, I'm not sure if I will be able to explain or help you understand why these things happen. Maybe I will take a hint  from Mister Rogers. Maybe I will steal his words.
 I guess, for me as a mother, all I can do for you is to make sure our home a happy place. I can make sure that I tell you everyday how much I love you. I can take time to hold you when I'm too busy, I can take time to read to you when I'm too tired. I can be more patient with you and make sure that I show you the good in the world instead of focusing on the bad.

Aniston, you have truly made my life better in every single way (except for the disaster that is my body... haha), it's only fair for me to do the same for you. I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that you are happy, to make sure you are safe, and to make sure you are loved.

I LOVE YOU Aniston Kate!

Love, Mom 

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