Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things I Love... Part 4

Isn't the best thing about life finding new things that you can't live without??? I just love discovering new things that I didn't have before that now I can't live without!!!

iPad Mini - So really I bought this for school. How cool is it that you can get most of your textbooks through kindle now? Kind of love that. Of course I can't buy all of them on there, plus it would kill my eyes to read off the iPad all the time. But it was a good excuse for a new toy! Ani LOVES it! It's nice to be able to pull it out when we aren't at home and she can watch her favorite shows or play her games. Definitely keeps her happy. Plus Mom LOVES skee-ball!!! I really like the size of it because it fits in the diaper bag and in my purse. LOVE IT!!!

Cheerios - This one is kind of weird right? This is Ani's new favorite snack and I love that because it's cheap and one box will last FOREVER! I don't know why we didn't think to use these instead of the expensive snacks we had been buying for her? I am just so lucky that I have an AMAZING baby who will eat anything! Seriously, there's nothing she won't eat.

Sharky & Bones - Aniston will watch a little of Disney Junior in the morning, and this little music video came on and she LOVES it! We have it saved on the iPad so that she can watch it whenever or wherever we are. I am a tad bit obsessed with it. There's something about their mannerisms that get me hooked. They are just weird people... I think it's hilarious, and I pretty much sing this song all the time! It keeps Ani happy!

Baby Sign Language - We have been using sign language with Aniston since she was 4 months old and she understands it really well. She's not signing yet, but we hope that will happen soon. It's so since that when she is crying I can use sign to help her know that I am trying to help her. As soon as I sign what it is that she is wanting she will communicate with me by her stop crying or smiling or just getting excited. She knows the signs for eat, juice, milk, please, thank you, more, mommy and daddy. She also knows the word snack verbally because I promise you will never see any child get more excited than when you say the word snack to her. My girl LOVES her food!!!! And I LOVE that she is happy!

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