Sunday, April 7, 2013

DAY 579... Back to School

Remember that feeling when you leave school for the summer and you are just so happy that you no longer have homework, that you have a break, and there's absolutely no pressure on you to do anything school related? Apparently I got over that feeling. It's been almost 2 years since I received my Bachelor's Degree from BYU-Idaho, and I just finished my first week of my Graduate Program. I have dabbled with the idea of continuing my education for quite a while now, but finally I just decided to dig in and go for it. So I applied at Southern New Hampshire University for their Sports Management program, and I got accepted, and started school. The first week was kind of fun, especially when the teacher asked us in a discussion board forum about our definition of a sport, and I got to vent and bring up the fact that cheerleading isn't considered a sport. If you know me, you know I love to stir up trouble!!! Are you asking yourself why I decided in Sports Management? It just makes sense. I have always played sports, love sports, LOVE coaching, and I think that even if I don't work forever, it will help me in my hobbies. Plus I think it'll be a lot more fun to study than other subjects. It's something that I think about and am involved with on a daily basis. You may also be thinking that I'm crazy considering all that I have on my plate right now to take on one more thing...

1. I am a Mom
2. I am a wife
3. I work 40 hours a week, thank goodness it's not super demanding
4. I coached about 15-20 hours a week, this is like my hobby so it's pretty relaxing
5. I have a church calling that does actually take time
6. I have to have a clean house
7. I'm actively trying to lose weight which means I have to actually exercise for a decent amount of time
8. My husband is a full time student which means he can't be watching our little doll all the time
9. I am addicted to facebook and blogging and they are a time suck
10. My husband is leaving for the summer to live in Montana, so I have to play the single Mom life. But I am supporting him 110% and am excited for him... This also means that skype is probably going to be my new best friend.

And now I'm a full time graduate student. Not going to lie... It makes me feel really really smart when I say that. Anyway, I'm excited and I have extremely supportive parents as well as a super hott and ubberly supportive husband! In 18 months, I can add another degree to my wall! I can't wait!!!

Here a few fun pictures from our day today!!! Can I also just say really fast how the 2 minute example of Les Miserables during Conference rocked my world? Just saying.... Best Conference ever!!!
 I painted Ani's nails with the tray on her bumbo so she can't mess the painting process up, and she was shocked, annoyed and totally confused when she saw her toes for the first time.... Weirdo.
 I have really wanted some oversize bows for my hair, so during the first session this morning I whipped a couple up. Hopefully they end up looking cute and not just stupid...
 Aniston had a weird obsession with feet today. She pulled herself up on my feet and then realized that she couldn't move anywhere... she was pretty mad about it.
 Once again with the feet... She laid like this on Spencer for quite a decent amount of time. PS - she is wearing a Hurley onesie. Who knew Hurley made baby clothes???? They are stinking adorable!!!
One of my old Utah cheerleaders posted this on instagram and talked about how she always has to do a double take because she always thinks that this is Spencer and I. What can I say???? We're pretty much famous!

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