Saturday, October 26, 2013

DAY 795... Hocus Pocus

Our apartment in Rexburg is in the perfect location for, well, living in Rexburg. Today, we decided to get Aniston all dressed up in her Halloween costume and head over to Hemming Village's Annual Hocus Pocus Halloween thing. I'm not sure what to call it... It wasn't a party, it wasn't a carnival, it just was a place to basically show off Ani's sweet costume and for her to get some candy. Speaking of her costume, it was a HUGE hit! I cannot even count the number of people who took pictures of my child (bad parenting?) or told us how great she looked. That made me feel good, since I made it of course, and also because it just made me feel like I am a better Mom than I was a month ago. It was a good time. Plus the weather today was insane!!! Let's be honest though, all of Aniston's Halloween candy that she got while trick or treating was gone by the time we got back home. We only live 2 blocks away from Hemming Village... I have a candy lover on my hands.
 Ani just LOVES her Nana and her Nana's teeth!
 Hello feathers
 Walking with Uncle Ryan.
 How adorable is that Halloween bucket???? I know everyone has them and they only cost 99 cents from Walmart, but that's my baby holding it and it's so cute!
 Walking with Nana and Papa. So cute!
 Ani was a little scared... but I'm just getting her ready for Disneyland.

 Aniston spotted  a horse!
 Cute, cute, cute!
 Love us some Duck Dynasty!
 Fishing with Papa! Definitely won't be the first time we see one of these pictures.
We ran into some of my old cheerleaders and Ani was super excited to see them again! Cute girls!
 Ani's favorite cheerleader... Let's be honest.
 Ummmm... there was no question about taking a picture with this masked crusader.
I just love Ani's face in this one!

What a FUN Halloween so far! My intention is to take Aniston to as many parties as I possibly can! So if anyone knows of any fun parties in Rexburg, let me know!

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