Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 775-777... Backtracking

Now that I finally have a minute to breath, I figured I better post about our weekend trip to Utah. Our main purpose for making the 3 1/2 hour drive was because Spencer's parents moved from Arizona to Utah. Since we were married I have only seen them twice and they have only gotten to spend actual time with Aniston once when she was 2 months old. Best reason for a visit right? I did get annoyed about 2 things when we were down there. Annoyance number 1, it was freezing! On Friday it was only 39 degrees outside and that sucked! Annoyance number 2, gas is 30 cents cheaper in Utah than it is in Rexburg!!! Oh the perks of living in a college town. But let me tell you, it was awesome to get out of Rexburg for a few days! Just AWESOME!

Aniston proved once again to be a stinky traveler. She pretty much glared the entire time at me from the backseat. Either that or she was screaming... No bueno.
When we first got to Spencer's brother's house Aniston played with her grandpa for quite a while on the banana seat. It was pretty cute and pretty entertaining.

Basically I have an obsession with pumpkin patches. I have these amazing plans and dreams to build the most awesome pumpkin patch ever, someday. Kind of weird I know but whatever. And since we don't really have any great pumpkin patches here in Rexburg, we always make sure to head out to our favorite pumpkin patch in Utah. I had high hopes for Aniston having such an amazing time, but it was cold and she was way more interested in the cat that was hanging around than the pumpkins. Oh well....

 Ani kept saying "why". Love her! And isn't her outfit the cutest thing ever?!?! I want it in my size!

 This is Ani signing "all done". She was so over the pumpkins...

After the pumpkin patch we headed to get some lunch. The 5 minute car ride seemed to be too much for Ani. She was exhausted!

That night we went to Leatherby's with the family and Aniston would only staying entertained by either playing with the menu or taking pictures of herself. It was a rough ice cream stop!
 This photo perfectly depicts Aniston's feeling about the night. She was so over everything!

Also, let's consider this annoyance number 3... Utah has this new street thing going on and it is super confusing! Check out the lines on the street and how those lights will change depending on the time of day. Doesn't make sense to me....

Saturday we watched General Conference and lounged around for most of the day. Of course though it wouldn't be a trip to Utah without a trip to IKEA!!!! IKEA is one of my favorite places in the world!
 Aniston was in heaven over all of the Panda's!
 Seriously, IKEA is the only place where they sell bins full of stuffed rats for 99 cents. I really regret not buying one in every color...
 Yes, I am one of those parents who let's their child suck on the cart bar. Builds her immune system right?
 This cart was super fun to push around... It was crazy wild.
 Ani also loved this fox. Probably becuase she is obsessed with "What does the fox say".
 This child and Panda's.... Super adorable!

Later that night Ani and I got to meet up with some of my very first cheerleaders, who are graduated now and are some of my closest friends. So much fun to see them!

Sunday we watched more General Conference and hung out with family.

 Spencer's family believe in massages....

 She doesn't look thrilled here but I promise she loves to walk on the ceiling.

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa.
These are some of Aniston's favorite people! They are my cousins, but more Ani's age. We sure do LOVE this family! Being able to see my Aunt Julie was one of the best things about this trip. It really gives me someone I can talk to, someone who has no judgement and she is hilarious. WE LOVE THE WAREHAM'S!!!!!
 I asked Aniston to smile for the picture and this is the face she rewarded me with... Really?
When I asked Ani for a big smile on the drive home, this is what a got. Haha!

I loved being able to spend so much time with family and to be able to escape from life for a weekend. Thank you to everyone who let us spend time with you! We LOVE you all!

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