Thursday, October 24, 2013

DAY 793... Locks of Love

One Day 791, I called up a local beauty school with the intention of making my husband an appointment for a hair cut and making myself an appointment for a scalp treatment. It ended up going a little bit differently than planned. 
It went from this:
To this:


While sitting in the chair the girl who was cutting my hair asked if I was interested in donating to Lock of Love. Not something that I really ever intended on doing. I hadn't been growing out my hair for this purpose and I certainly didn't have a family member in mind to do this for like so many brave people. Without hesitation I said yes. I have A LOT of hair. You'll notice that while usually they only end up with 1 braid after the cutting, I had 4. So I'm hoping that multiple wigs can come out of my hair. Or if that's not the way it works, than 1 really awesome thick wig.

I kind of feel like after all the changes that have been occurring in my life, this was the perfect time for me to totally change my look. I haven't had hair this short since I was 14. So basically my hair looked boring and the same for 13 years. Even my husband likes it which is kind of a big deal because he was really worried. not that I wouldn't look good of course but that I wouldn't like it. He said he was actually surprised by how much he likes it. I am going to take that as a good thing.

15 inches is a lot of hair! But when it takes 45 minutes to blow dry and another hour or two to style, cutting that 15 inches off makes THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE! Seriously, everything is better! And part of me feels really great about donating my hair.

I felt as though perhaps I let my hair defined me for the past 5-8 years. And to me I think I finally realized that it doesn't and it shouldn't. Life is more than how awesome your hair looks. And I wasted so much time not realizing that. Looks is not everything!!!! I don't think I can say that enough. What is really important is that we like who we are and no matter what anyone else thinks, we are happy with ourselves. I feel that right now if my time to make changes and to take charge of my life. I may have waited too long, but I have a supportive husband and a beautiful daughter who are willing to help me and assist me in reaching my goals. I'm thankful for that because I know that that is more than most people have. I am so lucky to have Spencer and Aniston in my life. Aniston, PS, could care less about my hair. Secretly I was hoping she would be terrified of me... Oh well.

(Please excuse Ani's tongue... We had a discussion after taking this picture about the 101 reason we don't need to pose or act like Miley Cyrus)

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  1. you did a very honorable thing, donate your hair, think how happy the person that gets it will be