Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DAY 791... My Little Peacock

Picking out a Halloween costume for your baby can be challenging. There are just so many stinking options. This year, since I found myself with extra time on my hands, I choose to make Aniston's costume. I finally decided on a Peacock. Super girly and something that I thought I could have a lot of fun with. Also it's probably the last Halloween where I get to pick what she dresses up as and so I wanted to go BIG. It only cost me $30 to make and it only took 2 hours! Aniston will be attending several Halloween parties and I plan on switching things up a little for each one so be prepared for a lot of different pictures of her wearing this costume... Also we live in Idaho where it's freezing, thus the long sleeve t-shirt. Super classy!

Basically I am a little obsessed with this little girl... and the costume! I LOVE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!

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