Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DAY 792... U-Pick

After my little rant the other day about how Rexburg has NO pumpkin patches (still upset PS), an old friend invited us to a pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls with her. Without hesitation I accepted! It was such a GORGEOUS day today, the perfect day for a pumpkin patch adventure!

 Apparently this pumpkin patch is run by young men (not sure of their exact ages) and they plant the pumpkins and run the patch. LOVE it! Still... nothing like my awesome pumpkin patch I will someday have!
Ani enjoyed riding in the wagon... for about 5 minutes.
Ani loves chicken... for lunch that is. She asks for chicken everyday. She thought it was pretty fun that we called these animals chicken too. She even said "yum" when we showed them to her first. This child will never be a vegetarian. Haha!
 Another cute Ani outfit. I really want tall lacy socks to wear with my boots... of course Ani has them and I don't.
 Our annual family pumpkin patch photo! (Yes... 15 inches is missing from my hair... post to come soon).
 I'm not sure whether or not Ani enjoy the little straw maze...
 She got lost... a lot.
 Her face says it all. The train ride was pretty terrifying for her, but she made it all the way through without a single tear. Don't worry... I sat next to her. This train was NOT made for adults PS.
 My two loves!
 New fashion alert! The top of the diaper hanging out of her pants. Killer look. All the babies are doing it.
 My independent little lady roamed the patch like it was her own backyard.
 Can we talk about how most of the chickens looks like they had recently been in a cock fight? They poor birds were missing entire patches of feathers from their bodies, necks, tails.... pretty disturbing. Probably will have nightmares tonight about these scary birds.

 That's crazy right? Super super creepy!

 Daddy entertained himself and Ani with some high tossing fun...

 Seriously.... These two. Can't get enough of them!
Much more successful of a pumpkin patch trip than our attempt in Utah. So happy for an awesome friend who introduced us to this fun pumpkin patch!
Just for fun... Our pumpkin patch photos for the past 3 years!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Cute outfits :)