Thursday, December 6, 2012

In My Purse... Take 1

I realized the other day, while I was at work, that my purse was insanely heavy. So I thought it would be entertaining to take a picture and dissect the contents thereof...

1. The actual purse/satchel. LOVE IT!!! Thank you TJMax!
2. Car keys
3. Multiple pens and colored pencils. Not actually sure where the colored pencils came from.
4. Two 1 lb weights. I have started conditioning the girls at cheer...
5. Snacks!!!
6. IPod
7. Elf on DVD. Just in case...
8. Wallet. Love this wallet! It's a Dakine wallet and it has been amazing for the past 3 years!
9. My notebook full of randomness... like shopping lists and cheer formations and what not.
10. School keys
11. Wedding Announcement from an employee.
12. Books for Ani
13. Checks (I know... who uses checks anymore)
14. Parent magazine that has been in there at least 2 weeks and I still haven't read a single word of.
15. 2 full water bottles
16. Cheerleading playbook

Time to clean that sucker out I think....

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