Saturday, December 8, 2012

DAY 455... Ani's Room

So I lied the other day when I said Ani didn't really get any early Christmas presents... Papa and Nana got my baby girl a new crib! It's basically amazing! It's a convertible 4 in 1 so whether or not she likes it, she will be using it until she goes to college. Ani has become quite the rollie pollie, so when we go to wake her up in the morning, we're never quite sure what position we will find her in. Yesterday she slept with her foot stuck in the railing.

(Don't worry I immediately went out and got a bumper that is designed for Mom's like me who fear SIDS... It's AWESOME of course. It's so awesome that it deserves it's own special blog post). In the past two days we've learned that we can no longer swaddle the little chubs. Since the day she was born she has LOVED to be swaddled. But she woke us up several times because while swaddled she had ended up on her tummy and couldn't flip back over. But she has been an amazing sleeper without the swaddle and she's so cute in jammies!

Doesn't it kind of look like she's attempting to bring shoulder pads back???? Love it! Of course I run in to check on her every hour to make sure she can still breath... and I'm a mean Mom and flip her over if she's on her belly. But since she's a stubborn sassy thing, she is back on the chubby belly within 30 seconds.

Anyway this blog is suppose to be about her awesome room. Decorating her room was probably the most fun I had before she was born! It was awesome to pick out colors and fabrics and to organize all her little things.

I decided on a red, black, and white color scheme because I figured this was something that she could grow up with. As you can tell... I'm not leaving many options up to Ani when she gets older. I basically have her life already planned out for her.

I was lucky enough to have my Mom and Sister surprise me with a nursery when we moved to Rexburg so that was a great surprise! I really do love Ani's room and so does she!

 My Mom recovered this rocker and footstool in the fabric that I had chosen for the room. Seriously, one of the best things to have in a babies room! Whenever she decides she has to eat at 2am we just sit in the rocker and feed her, and she always falls right back asleep!
 Spencer's Grandfather made this bench way back in the day, so we put Ani's little friends on it and set in under the window. I'm pretty sure someday she is gonna love to just sit there and hang out.
 Before Aniston was born, I read that you don't need a changing table. I have come to the conclusion that this is false! I don't know what I would do without the changing table! It is AMAZING!!!! And yes, I really am that organized with all of her stuff all of the time. It's true that I have a level of OCD that makes me be this way, but I love a clean and organized room!
 This is her picture wall above her changing table. She really does love to look at it while SPencer and I gag over her nasty diapers.
 One of my Utah cheerleaders made this for me when I got married. It matched perfectly the colors I chose for Ani's room, so that's where it ended up.
 Her new crib!!! Yes, she has a mini canopy thing. I thought it was very girly an really cute. It's more for show then anything and probably a waste of money, but thank goodness it was cheap.
 I saw this on Pinterest and made it to go above Ani's crib. She loves to play in her crib and stare at the lights. I promise it looks way cooler in person!
 Even though her closet has insane storage space (see below) I like having a bookcase with all her books and blankets on for easy access. Plus she already loves books so I wanted to make sure I put them somewhere where she could reach them later on.
 I know I know... Does any 5 month old need that many pairs of shoes??? Obviously the answer is yes. These closets are basically AMAZING! They allow you to be so organized. I LOVE IT!
Ani's massive amounts of clip on flowers. Don't worry though... This doesn't include her 50+ assortment of headbands, or her jar of homemade flowers or all of her clips.

I'm still looking for a more creative way to display her massive amounts of flowers and what not for her hair, but I haven't found something I absolutely love... Any ideas????

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