Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DAY 471... Ani's First Christmas

I know Aniston isn't even 6 months old yet, but I really wanted her first Christmas to be AWESOME!!! And it was!!!! To Daddy's delight she woke up around 6:30am and didn't feel the need to go back to sleep, so we got up to open presents bright and early!

Ani doesn't normally look so Asian.... She just couldn't handle the flash on the camera so early. I feel like I should take pictures this early every morning just so I can get a good laugh! HAHA!

Spencer has been asking every day since Christmas (this is not an exaggeration I promise) to open presents. Basically he has been driving me crazy, but he survived (only opening 2 presents before Christmas day) and now he has everything that he asked for. Santa is just that good! We decided to compare present piles because we knew that someone had gotten spoiled.... We just needed photographic proof.

Here's Spencer's pile...

Here's my pile...

Here's Ani's pile....

Definitely not fair. Hopefully when she's older she doesn't see this picture and expect that same exact amount of presents..... S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

Aniston is still too young to figure out exactly how to open presents...

 When she is thinking really hard the tongue comes out. She gets that from Mom...
She sure did get sassy when we decided to open the presents for her.
She loved playing with her Daddy and some of her new toys!

Baby's are supposed to have fat cheeks right????

Of course you can't have Christmas with a baby and not put bows on their heads...
 We call this one the Princess Leia...

Aniston barely made it through present time before she needed to take a quick nap... Cute little Christmas baby!
Once Ani decided to wake up we moved on to breakfast. I definitely overfilled the waffle maker (my bad), but they sure did turn out AMAZING!

This is a tradition we took from my family... Every Christmas morning since before I can remember we've always had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. They were extra amazing today! And can I ask where the tradition of oranges in the stockings came from? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say cheap people????? Not complaining, just wondering.

Aniston got her first fruits this morning in the form of bananas! She actually likes sweet potatoes better. I guess that's good, but I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty disappointed. I was really hoping for a very excited baby.

I had to include this picture because it made Spencer and I laugh so hard! Aniston is so stinking chubby... which is the best thing ever... as long as she grows out of it of course!
Spencer and I both got sweet new watches. I have a gorgeous fossil watch, but since my wedding ring is rose gold, I really wanted a rose gold watch because I have a serious issue with mixing metals. Spencer just wanted something expensive. Done and done.
Next we headed out to see Les Miserables...
Obviously I was very excited to get to the theater! But seriously... I have been waiting for this long before I even knew I was pregnant!!! And I tell you what... it was worth the wait!
I won't say much about it now (and that kills me) because there will be an entire post based on the awesomeness of this movie tomorrow, but it was awesome! It was pure emotional, raw, awesomeness! I will share one little thing... I have been nervous since I learned I was pregnant, that my child would not sit through the movie (It's 157 minutes long!). So ever since Aniston was in the womb I would play the Les Miserables soundtrack over and over and over. When I change her diaper, she loves me to sing I Dreamed a Dream. Anyway, she slept through the first 2 hours, but when she finally woke up and I took her out of the car seat  the music immediately caught her attention and she just burst out into the biggest smile ever! Success!!!

We came home and ate our traditional (can you call it that if you've only done it twice?) Christmas dinner of Spencer's special Mexican food (I can't spell it). We each had our own bottle of Sparkling cider. YUM! And enjoyed some Duck Dynasty (Santa brought Spencer the first season today).
Yeah... Sometimes we like to eat dinner on the floor. I know it's weird, but we both really love it!

I hope that your Christmas was absolutely AMAZING!


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