Sunday, December 2, 2012

DAY 449... A Typical Saturday

For most people, Saturday's are considered a day in which you can sleep in, relax, take a break from your typical work day.

Not in our house!

I work about 55 hours during the work week, (Not complaining... I LOVE my jobs!) so I usually look forward to a break. Since the birth of our beautiful Aniston Kate, we don't get breaks. But let's be honest. I wouldn't change it for the world!

On this particular Saturday, I started my day off with a foot massage from my two favorite people in the world!

Reality is that Ani Kate just needed to be held and Spencer has promised me a foot rub, so being the awesome man that he is, he found a way to do both. If you're thinking she looks pretty close to sucking on my toe, you're right!

We then headed off to the store for some grocery shopping... Possibly one of my favorite things in the world! I love having food everywhere I look! Plus I love spending time with my hubby whenever I can!!!

On the way home I got some mail from China. (If you're thinking I must be pretty cool, then you're right.)

Ani Kate and I quickly headed over to the High School for a day of coaching and basketball.

Of course I was rocking my red, gray and white. Madison colors.

Doesn't everyone, at sometime during their baby's life, put their child into a box of pom poms and take pictures???

How cute is that baby?
That's right... I made that! She actually got pretty upset about this whole situation, but seriously... how cute!

It's always sad when you're missing girls and you only have two stunts groups. But I'm lucky enough to coach a squad that can excel and still be amazing with only two stunt groups!

Ani Kate got bored pretty quickly...

Loving how her noise reduction headphones push her already chubby cheeks together even more so she looks even more deliciously chubby!

After the game we headed over to a surprise baby shower for the other cheer coach!

She's expecting a little girl, so I'm super excited for Aniston to have someone to play with at games and practices!

I really enjoyed my Saturday, even though it wasn't considered a day of relaxation for me. I feel blessed that I have things to do and that people rely on me. It's a huge blessing to be needed!

Day 449 definitely ended in a happily ever after for me.

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