Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DAY 452... 5 Months Old!

Seriously It's been 5 months since I gave birth to our sweet little (not so little) Ani Kate? I cannot believe how BIG she is getting. And don't don't just mean older... She is quite the chunk. Everywhere we go people are always commenting on how cute her enormous cheeks are or how plump her lips are. Let's be honest... I LOVE it when people tell me how beautiful my baby is!!!! Saying that she is beautiful means so much more than just saying she's cute... Maybe that's just me. Can you tell that I'm a little way obsessed with my little family????

Look at her grow!!!!!

This past month has been crazy full of milestones for Aniston.

She ate her first food... Turns out she's allergic to carrots right now, but bring on the sweet potatoes!

She holds her own bottle... And gets pretty annoyed when Mom tries to take pictures of her doing it...
PS - Her Dad loves to fohawk her hair pretty much after every bath time....

She's rolling over like a boss!

She's laughing!!! (Probably the best thing ever!)

She drinks out of a cup cup! Yes, I know it's early, but I have this weird fear of my children drinking from a bottle as toddlers. Now a days they have so many different types of cup cups (I think we use to call them this when I was a child and so that's what I call them) so we got her one that has a nipple top, like a bottle, but she can hold it easier and it came with a transition nipple that looks more like a regular cup cup top... So we started her young, and she loves it!

It's so fun watching her grow and cheering her on along the way! She will put anything and everything in her mouth, she knows her name (totally turns every time we call her), she is a crazy sleeper!! We will lay her in the crib one direction and when we wake up in the morning (that's right... my child is sleeping 8-9 hours solid a night) she has turned 180 degrees, and she does it swaddled.... IMPRESSIVE!

She also cheered Madison Football on to a state victory in her Bobcat colors!!!

And she showed off her own sweet cheerleading abilities...

Basically I am so in love with my daughter! She is super entertaining and so stinking cute!!!


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