Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAY 476... A Couple of Firsts

This week Aniston has had quite a few firsts in her young awesome life...

She obviously had her first Christmas...

She saw Les Miserables for the first time. (Still not over the awesomeness of that movie) This is her favorite song from the movie. She pretty much begs me to sing it to her every time I am changing her diaper... TMI???? Maybe so, but it's my blog so I can pretty much write whatever I want right??? Of course I'm right.

Cutest baby ever??? I vote yes!

Ani had her first visit to the chiropractor. I never went to a chiropractor growing up. In fact, I never went to the chiropractor until I became I chiropractic assistant, and saw all of the benefits that can come from an adjustment. I will admit I was scared to death of being adjusted, but it helped me more than words can even describe!!! I worked for some amazing chiropractors in Utah, and for me I kind of feel like chiropractors are like hair dressers. Once you find a good one, you keep them! But once you move away... it's a little bit of a headache to find a new good one. Well, we got lucky and found a great one here in Rexburg on our first try. He is actually the brother of one of my cheerleaders, and he is AWESOME!!! And the best part is that Ani loves him! Both Spencer and Aniston have been adjusted by him, and when I get time in my life, probably summer break, I will go too. But Aniston is so well behaved for the doctor and lets him adjust her and she even smiles while he's doing it. We've noticed that she's sleeping better, she's spitting up less, and when you're parents.... you appreciate those things greatly!

Yep... I'm still I creeper and take pictures without telling the doctor I'm taking the pictures. Seemed harmless and like he would never know until his sister (the cheerleader) tagged him in a comment below the picture... my bad.

Aniston also sat in a shopping cart for the first time. Basically she was being a pill and wouldn't sit in her car seat without screaming, so we took her out and stuck her in the cart. She did awesome for like the first 10 minutes and then she was over it. She doesn't take well to being restrained. But she's so cute! Except for the fact that she had almost pulled her flower off her hat and it looks a little homeless... Still adorable!!! Also 10 points for whoever can guess what store we're at. There's only one store that I know of that has those blue carts with the obnoxious tall pole on them.

I love love love my chubby cheeked baby! Everywhere we go people stop us and comment on her cheeks! It's very satisfying to know that even strangers think your kid is cute. Knowing that Spencer and I are capable of creating such a cute baby is almost enough to have another one. Almost... not quite though.

I'm loving that 2012 is ending so well for my little family!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's top moments of 2012!!!

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