Monday, December 31, 2012

DAY 477... Goodbye 2012

It's safe to say that 2012 has been the BEST year of my life!!! It has also been the worst.... Funny how life balances out like that. So are you ready for all the pictures that you've already seen before, but that I'm going to remind you of???? Here we go.... (anything highlighted in RED will link you to a blog post of that awesome memory!!!)

I started off 2012 pregnant and sick.... This continued throughout the first half of the year.... I got bigger..
 and bigger... (Remember how we chaperoned the Sweetheart's dance at CHHS and we were awesome????)
 and bigger...
 and bigger...
 and bigger...
 and bigger...
and HUGE???
Just realized this.....

Same clothes!!! Haha! The one on the left is like 12 weeks pregnant and the one on the right is about 37 weeks. Saying weeks instead of months when you're pregnant is way cooler in case you didn't know.

Throughout the pregnancy I got sick...
 and sicker....
I spent half of my year sick, and about 1/4 of my year hooked up to an IV!!! That's right... I had hyperemesis before Kate Middleton made it cool.

We learned that we were having a girl and we were so excited!!!

During this time (sick and all) I was coaching cheerleading at Copper Hills High school,
We ended up going to nationals and placing 5th overall in our division! It was a great year coaching!!!

Remember how I was 6 months pregnant at Nationals and I really should have used the scooters????

We also moved to Rexburg and Spencer finished his first 2 semesters at BYU-Idaho! (No pictures here.... but you get a link!!!)

Meanwhile I got 2 news jobs. One as the After School coordinator for South Fork Elementary school,
And the other coaching cheerleading at Madison High School...

On July 3rd, I was chased by a Moose... at 38 weeks pregnant...
Then on THE BEST DAY EVER, July 5th 2012, Aniston Kate Ahlstrom was welcomed into our family!

We think she's (mostly) PERFECT!!!!

In September Ani Kate was blessed in Utah and we celebrated 1 year of marriage!!!

Picture on the left... Wedding Day. Picture on the right... One year married. Sooooooooo CUTE!!!

While in Utah Aniston got to meet both sets of her Grandparents!!!

Aniston and Spencer went to Yellowstone for the first time...

Aniston celebrated her first Halloween as a little pea pod.... SO CUTE!!!

We survived the end of the world and ate Taco Bell to celebrate...
Aniston celebrated her first Christmas and LOVED Santa!!!
And I FINALLY got to see Les Miserables!!!
What an AWESOME year for this Ahlstrom clan! I have never been so excited for a new year to start to see where it will take me and my little family!!!


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