Thursday, December 6, 2012

DAY 453... Zumba

So we have a serious issue waiting around for Christmas to open presents in the Ahlstrom household... So our early Christmas presents this year (Yes, it happened last year too) Spencer got a gun (YIKES), and don't worry we are taking the proper measures to conceal it from Aniston... We have been watching The Walking Dead so we feel the need to prepare for Zombies (joking... kind of) and I got the Zumba Exhilarate workout set. We spoil Aniston all the time, so she didn't get just one early present. I have heard nothing but good about this program, and since I have been dying to try Zumba, we took the plunge. It's a pretty sweet set up and a really fun workout. The set comes with 5 dvd's, all different workouts, as well as a program guide and these interesting maraca weights.

This is my attempt to get the rest of the "Ani Weight" off and then some. And I figured since the program made this promise.... I was good to go.

I'm kind of hard to motivate, and since this is a 10 day program, I figured I can stick it out at least that long. I'm really hoping at least...

Along with the program I am doing my version of the slim fast diet. I know I know... Didn't the slim fast diet a little 90's? False... It is so easy for me. I take a shake to practice in the morning, and I drink one for lunch, and then I eat whatever I want for dinner basically. Sometimes I have little snacks in between, but I have definitely cut the calories dramatically... Also very very tough for me!

Today was my first day trying it out, and so far so good. It was a super fun and easy, yet still challenging workout. Aniston was such a doll and just sat in her chair totally entertained the entire time.

I'm so excited to share my results with you guys!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Okay, I totally love Slim Fast. A. I find it incredibly delicious. B. I hate eating breakfast (which is the worst possible meal to skip), so it helps me on that. An apple and a Slim Fast in the morning! And B. It helps me to also eat lunch, which can be forgotten until a Taco Bell pops up in my view. So yeah. I totally agree with you choosing that diet! Brad and I did it just out of convenience (there was a case of Slim Fast on mega-sale and we both suck at eating breakfast) and we both lost weight. So yeah. YOU GO GIRL.