Sunday, December 23, 2012

DAY 468... Our First Date and Santa

Sometimes Normally when I wake up on Saturday, I just don't want to do anything! I have worked hard throughout the week and I may be selfish, but I believe that I deserve some sort of a break. Yeah, since Ani Kate joined the family, that hasn't happened. She will go to bed around 9, but is almost always up at exactly 7am... that's not really sleeping in if you ask me. I hope that someday she'll give us a break and allow us to sleep in a little... you know, like until 10 or something...

We started the day with Ani being a naughty Noo Noo. So maybe it's bad parenting to put your child in the same vicinity as your super poisonous Christmas flower, but Aniston got a hold of my Poinsettia and killed the poor thing.... This is her, "But Mom, it could kill me so I had to do it" look.

It was my mission this day to make sure that Aniston got a picture with Santa. It's her first Christmas and I NEED it to be perfect! And according to me, perfect means a picture with Santa. Of course I succeeded, and the results were just fabulous! Aniston loves being held by strangers (probably not a good thing), well actually she will love anyone who give her even the tiniest bit of attention (also probably a bad thing... we will have to remedy this before she starts dating) so she just loved Santa!

Santa was patient enough to let us get a family picture with him as well. And yes, Spencer is growing a beard.... I think he's been watching one too many episodes of Duck Dynasty... Either that or it's his break from school and shaving everyday has taken a toll on my sexy redhead of a husband.

While out running some errands we came across a men's clothing shop that had possibly the most ugly selection of ties I have ever seen! Here's a quick sample of what they had to offer...

Super classy!

During the early hours of the day I received a message from a neighbor asking if they could babysit Aniston for us. Insert a 3 hour long debate about whether or not we were ready for this, and then we finally decided it would be a good thing. It was really tough to let her stay with someone else for a while. I even got a little jealous that someone else was getting to spend time with her. But apparently she did AMAZING (no doubt due to her love for strangers) and it was nice but weird to have time to spend just to ourselves. But seriously... how nice of them to offer to do that, especially when they have 2 little girls of their own! We pretty much have the BEST neighbors ever!

As you can see Aniston was very excited when we were dropping her off... she could not wait to make new friends!

Spencer used his "ElF" lurch to spy on Aniston through the neighbors window about 20 minutes after we dropped her off... Sneaky sneaky...

Just the two of us heading out to get some Costa Vida (because we don't have a Cafe Rio... tear) and we redboxed Premium Rush (two thumbs up). It was the weirdest thing to be together with Spencer and not have Aniston with us... We definitely felt as though something was missing.

Ani was so happy to come home and hang out with Mom and Dad.

If you will take a minute to notice the TV in the background... we were watching Impractical Jokers... ever seen it??? The other night while watching it I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath! it is so funny!!!!! Watch it! Love it!

Also..... 3 days until this......

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