Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Everything You Didn't See... September 2015 Edition

I have so many of my friends that go through their phones at the end of every month and just do a massive photo dump (Gross... I hate that word!!!!) on their blogs.

So, naturally, I wanted to be cool and join in on the fun.

I take so many pictures, and so many of them just never find a place on the blog to share.

So that's about to change.
This month.
Starting now.
Random P-H-O-T-O overload!

I am a little obsessed of this photo of my boys! This was taken in Utah at a missionary homecoming for one of Spencer's cousins.

 Sometimes Spencer dresses Ani... Needless to say, she doesn't really appreciate it.

Benson has just as many mood swings as Ani and I have! Spencer is not too happy about that. These pictures were literally taken seconds apart.

Ani is always asking me to take pictures of her these days. She especially loved the puppy stickers from the doctors.

This poor kitty! Aniston didn't even care about the scratches! All she wanted to do was love that kitty.

Aniston literally sat like this for about 10 minutes. Anytime another kid would even come near her she would give them her icy look of death and they would run away. Such a friendly child.

Ever since they put the sign up that a Halloween store would be coming to Rexburg this year, Ani was dying to go inside! Seriously, every time we drove by she would point it out and ask to go. Of course we hit it up on the first day it was open! And don't worry, we have gone back many many times.

Our friends had their baby early and she was in the NICU. Aniston and Benson couldn't go back to see her so they entertained themselves on the floor while Spencer and I met the baby.

Aniston couldn't wait to use her new pillow! It was an exhausting day!

Benny was beyond excited to drop Ani off at school for her first day. He knew this meant more time for him!

My babies!

Teething blows! But those cheeks and lips! Swoon!

Last ride on the carousel before it closed for the season.

We spend a lot of times in the hall at church. So why not take cute pictures of your kids?

Popsicles are good for the teething hurting mouth.

Every now and then Benson likes to rock the Prince George, as we call it, as opposed to his usual fohawk.

So excited to be helping Mom with work! Or as Mom sees it, so emotional from teething that he must be with Mom at all times regardless of her work schedule.

We transitioned Benson to the bigger car seat. He loves it... except for when he falls asleep.

Did she do it? Did she climb?
Thank you Best Buy worker for threatening my child.


Aniston earned a sucker at gymnastics! Seriously, kids will do anything for a "treat".

Benson's crazy after bath hair!

My Mom and I had a date night for Women's Conference! I love being able to spend time with her!

That same night, my youngest brother (we are 13 years apart, oldest and youngest) headed out to Homecoming!

Since we have transitioned out of the infant car seat, Benson has to sleep on the floor at church. Good things babies can literally sleep anywhere!

These ducks were insane! So greedy! And a little scary! And yes, that white goose behind her with his eye on the prize did bite her.

Swinging away!

Benson just loves to be outside!

The poor college kids that have to put up with Aniston making the Austin building her home. That's where Dad spends all of his time and it's where Papa works, so it basically is her second home.

More teething woes.

Benson made some new friends at the dentist office.

Aniston was doing great at the dentist, until it was time to go back. Let's not talk about how she bit the dentist 5 times and I literally had to sit on top of her to hold her still. Nightmare. She has already written an apology to the dentist.

Benson's first french fry!

We love to go on walks at night! Even if that means that the kids are in their jammies. Now they will always remember where they lived when Daddy went to school! Aniston calls our house Shelbourne.

Family photo!!!!

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