Thursday, October 15, 2015

DAY 1504... Picking Pumpkins

We have been visiting the same pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls for the past 3 years.

It's cute.
It's fun.
They have kittens.
But it's our only option.

Why are there no pumpkin patches in Southeastern Idaho?
Maybe this is my dream location for my amazing pumpkin patch I dream of having...
Remember how I have literally drawn up plans for this insanely amazing pumpkin patch?
I have every detail down to the food written down and ready to be put into action.
I don't think I want to live here forever, so that probably won't happen.


We decided to go super early on a Thursday morning because I didn't want to deal with people.
I'm so pleasant.
It's open 24/7 and basically run on an honor system.
Kind of unique.

Aniston and Benson had a blast!

I'm only a little emotional because it was Benson's first visit to a pumpkin patch.

This year they had a puppy and Aniston just about died!
My child is obsessed with dogs!

Then the puppy ran out of the barn with a kitten in his mouth.
I seriously thought it was a stuffed toy.

Spencer rescued the kitten and Aniston would not let go of that poor kitty!
Her smile though, made it all worth it.
She is now obsessed with cats.

If only I knew what was going on in Benson's mind at this very moment...

Benson attempted to rip of the kitten's legs... all with a smile on his face.
All boy for sure!

It was a fun little adventure.
Especially since it included a straw maze!

Of course we rocked our annual pumpkin patch photo!


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