Friday, October 9, 2015

DAY 1494... Potato Harvest

Southeastern Idaho is kind of weird sometimes...
Around Southeastern Idaho public schools typically get between 1-3 weeks off in the beginning of October for Potato Harvest.
That's weird right?
Spud Harvest Break.

Harvesting potatoes is kind of a big deal in these parts.

Aniston participated in it last year with my parents and had a blast.

This year we all decided to go out and help.

I have never seen Aniston work so hard ever!

She used her little shovel to move dirt from one side of the garden to the other for an entire hour without stopping.
It was insanely adorable!

Of course we had to spend the required minimum of 15 minutes watching the chickens.
I think Ani asks me at least once a day if Nana's and Papa's chickens pooped eggs today.
She may or may not have witnessed them mating this night...

Ryan found the tiniest potato of all.

So grateful for a father who taught me the value and importance of hard work.
And I am even more grateful that we live close enough that he can continue to teach my children as well.
Such a blessing!

What Nana doesn't love spending time with their grandbabies?

Benson is seriously the happiest baby ever!
He has been miserable and sick and he still manages to smile all the time.
His cousin on the other hand, was not so impressed with the wagon and Benson wanting to touch and play with her.
They are 3 months apart, but he is by far the bigger baby.
My kids are so huge!
Oh well.
They're also really really cute!

Such an AMAZING Nana!

I think one reason Aniston was obsessed with this tiny shovel is because it reminded her of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when the dwarfs are mining.

Such a hard worker!

If I can teach my children anything, I hope to teach them the value of hard work and the blessings and empowerment a job well done can give you.

I don't think there was a better way to spend our Monday Night in Southeastern Idaho.

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