Friday, October 30, 2015

DAY 1514... Peter and Tink

I love Halloween!
I will love it more as soon as my husband decides we can do entire family theme costumes though.

I would totally dress up with them this year,
but then I feel like that wouldn't make my husband look very good and it would definitely make him seem like kind of a jerk.

So until then...

I LOVE making my children's costumes!

It's not because I'm good at sewing... I am not.
It's not because I have the time... I definitely do not.
It's not because I can't buy their costumes... I love spending money.

I love making their costumes because it makes me feel accomplished and is a way for me to show love to them.
They, of course, don't understand the time and effort I put into it.
But I'm optimistic that someday they will.

This year was our first year of sibling costumes!!!

How did we decide on what theme to pick?
(because your kids totally have to match, right?)
We let Aniston throw around a couple of ideas of what she wanted to be
and then
we gently nudged her in the direction we liked best.
(We are already practicing this again for next year. I wish it was next year already because the costumes we have decided on are so AMAZING!!!!)

This year we nudged her towards Tinkerbell,
because how cute would Benson be as Peter Pan?

our nudging worked!

I present to you the cutest Peter Pan and Tinkerbell around!

This was my Tinkerbell inspiration.

This was my Peter Pan inspiration.

I am beyond obsessed with these costumes!

I have to be honest though...
When taking these pictures,
it was kind of a nightmare!

Aniston was in the worst mood...

Benson was eating anything he could get his hands on (his knife, leaves, rocks, etc) and blowing raspberries the entire time...

Benson was also beyond obsessed with Aniston's wings and as usual her earrings...

Ani was not not cool with that.

It didn't make taking pictures of them together very easy.


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