Friday, October 16, 2015

DIY... Kid's Room Makeover

The kid's room needed a makeover badly.
But there were two problems.
1. We have a pretty tight budget.
Never fun when it comes to decorating.
2. Decorating a shared bedroom for a brother and a sister is quite possibly the most difficult thing ever!

Coming up with a theme for Aniston and Benson's bedroom was crazy hard!
Of course once I figured out what I wanted to do, it was perfect!

Their room was this awful yellow color.
I hated it.
I couldn't stand to be in there.
And it just needed to change.
So badly!

Here's the before pictures.


The theme I finally settled on is:
Where the Wild Things Are

Totally appropriate for boy or girl and since they share a room, it was perfect!

First things first...
I painted the room green to give it that foresty feel.
Plus green is my favorite color ever and I find it very relaxing and soothing.
The paint cost me $13.88.

I quickly learned that room decor pertaining to this specific theme was crazy expensive!
Like $48 for a pillow and $32 for a single wall decor.
Not going to fly.

So I had to get crafty.

I got on my computer and designed prints on publisher and then had them printed off at a local print shop.
The total cost for this was $3.07.
Then I went to our favorite park and picked up sticks and 478 glue sticks and 3 old picture frames later, these were created...

This cost me $0 because I already had everything I needed!
Recycling at it's finest!

Thanks to some sharpies and old fabric (both which I had in my hands), I was able to whip up a few pillows for the room.

We had just replaced our bedroom pillows in our house so I took the stuffing out of those and used it to stuff these pillows.
 Another $0 project.

Their room is such a small space that we were able to use bunk beds and get creative.
Luckily my parents had some bunk beds that they desperately needed to get rid of.
We had already been using the bottom bunk as Aniston's current bed so we got the second bed frame
paint it black, 
built a ladder,
and slipped the crib under the top bunk to save space.
Of course we made sure it was all secure and that Aniston could absolutely not fall on top of Benson first.
We paid around $7 for the wood for the ladder and we already had the paint!

The cute "A" and "B" felt very wild thing to me since they were made out of fake antlers.
You can also find the words "redneck" and "man cave" available at your local hobby lobby in this same fake antler decor.

The cost for the letters were around $9, luckily for me they were 50% off so the total cost there was $4.50.

Aniston picked out a zebra patterned comforter, and I went with it because it is 117% pointless to argue with a 3 year old, and it works!
There goes $12.88.
Thank you Walmart.

I took an old green sheet and shredded it so that it looked like grass/jungle foliage and used it to hide everything under the crib.
Kind of obsessed with the way it turned out.
Huge win since it also cost $0.

I also whipped up a Tee Pee from materials from the local Ace Hardware ($25.97), and glued hundreds of sticks onto a free lamp to fit in with the decor.

The room feels 100% bigger and so much cleaner and I just love to be in there!
So do the kids!
Often when I can't find Aniston, she is sitting in her Tee Pee reading books.

And this is how you redo a room for $67.30.
I am so cheap!
I think it really had nothing to do with the budget issue, more the fact that I refuse to pay obscene amounts of money for stuff in a room that my children only use.
Not sure they appreciate it 100%,
but Aniston does call it her wild thing room.

I would have loved to spent hundreds of dollars to make it beyond amazing and totally Maxified (as in Max from the book)
but this works!

I'm happy, my kids are happy and most importantly my husband is happy!


  1. I think it would be fun if you had your own show of recreating JUST kid rooms in like HGTV show!

  2. I think it would be fun if you had your own show of recreating JUST kid rooms in like HGTV show!