Saturday, October 10, 2015

DAY 1499... Gardner Village

When we were down in Utah,
my Aunt, 
who also happens to be one of my best friends in the WORLD,
invited us to go to Gardner Village, with her amazing family, for the Halloween festivities.

We dressed the kids up,
Aniston was obsessed with the giraffe costume,
and headed out.
I was mildly obsessed with Benson as a pumpkin because I have always wanted one of my children to be dressed like a pumpkin.

We went earlier in the afternoon thinking that we would avoid the Witches Night Out crowd,
but no such luck.
There were so many people everywhere!

The more people though,
the better the people watching.

My favorite was this little ninja who had scaled the wall and was just standing there ready to attack with his Coke...

Aniston wasn't a huge fan of all the witches,
but every now and then she found something of interest,
and Benson was a little crabby...

But once Aniston realized that there was a petting zoo and pony rides
life was perfect!

Have you ever seen a giraffe riding a pony?

This sheep's name was Annie.
My Ani got a kick out of that!

It was super hot,
so the costumes didn't last,
and there were flies everywhere!
But it was really a good time!

My children are OBSESSED with my cousins.
They are the perfect age for my kids and sometimes they do feel more like my kid's cousins than my own.

We really have the BEST family!
We are so blessed!

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