Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Yellowstone Bear World

We are super blessed to live super close to Yellowstone. We are hoping to make a trip there this summer, since the last time we went Aniston was barely a month old. (read about that trip here). But since we haven't been able to go yet, and we happen to be the parents to a spunky little lady who LOVES animals, especially bears... remember this?????

So we hit up Yellowstone Bear World which is only 5 minutes from our house.

It was especially fun for Aniston because she absolutely loves the baby bears. They are ridiculously cute! Their little growling and how they play with each other is amazing and totally entertaining. She probably would've sat there all day just watching them if we would have let her. She probably actually would have gone into the cage if we would have let her. She was growling at them and encouraging them to play with each other. It was adorable.

The last time we went to Bear World was for Aniston's 1st birthday (read more about that here), and since she is turning 3 next week, well, it's obviously been a while. This time she was able to enjoy the children's rides that they have. She is a roller coaster lover just like her parents! I love this picture!

Any petting zoo is always a favorite! They didn't have as many animals as they did last time, but Aniston didn't even know a difference.

Even when the deer tries to eat you, it's still a good time.

I think I have at least 5 pictures from different occasions of this kid with a goat through out her life... is that weird?

After we checked out the baby bears and played at the petting zoo and went on the rides, we went through the drive through portion of the park. It is seriously like Jurassic Park. You drive up to a fence. They give you directions, don't open your windows, drive slow, etc, and then they open the gate, you drive through and then they close it behind you. It's probably my favorite part. It's amazing to get so close up to the bears! They are HUGE!

And then you have this little fella who actually bit the door handle of our car. Crazy cub! Aniston was not very happy with him.

We were lucky to visit on a weekend where they gave us half priced tickets for the rest of the season, so you can bet that we will be heading back sometime later this summer!

I would highly recommend Yellowstone Bear World for anyone in the area or surrounding areas. It's a super fun little family adventure!

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