Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Cress Creek

*I really want to document more of our family adventures and the things that we do together. I'm hoping by adding this series to the blog, it will motivate me to get out and be more adventurous and start trying new things with my family.*

For the past several years we haven't been able to be as active as we use to be... that's why I weigh as much a whale. It's definitely harder with kids to be able to get out and be active for so many different reasons. Sometimes it's too hot, or too cold. Potty training makes things super tough. The length of time that the "adventure" might take might interfere with bedtime or meals. And can we talk about the preparation it takes to get ready? As you can tell... I'm an excuse maker when it's convenient. It's a bad habit that I need to break, I know. There is just so much to think about once there are kids in the picture in order to venture outside of the house.

This past Sunday, we got adventurous. We were just tired of sitting at home and we wanted to get out and enjoy the weather because it finally stopped raining. Aniston is at the age where she wants to get out and do stuff, which is great, and Benson is at a perfect age as well because we can just carry him and he most likely falls asleep and is the perfect little dude. Really he is a super chill baby, except at night. Bedtime and sleeping are the WORST! We headed out to Cress Creek. We had heard that this was a family friendly hike, not too long and not too steep. And we heard right.

It was a little hot (you can see it in the pictures between Aniston's sweaty hair and red cheeks), but other than that it was perfect! We made sure to bring the camel back to keep everyone hydrated. I carried Benson in his Ergo and the little hood was perfect for keeping the sun off his little big head and neck!

 These two pictures sum up my Ani pretty well! Brave and independent. She really wanted to touch the water in the first picture, so Spencer held her upside down so that she could cool off. In the second picture she is refusing help to climb up the hill. Typical Ani.

The view was gorgeous! Ani was grumpy and hot and didn't like the uphill part so much.

 Ani is pretty much potty trained now, and when you gotta go, you gotta go, especially on day two of potty training.

This girl LOVES nature, flowers and throwing rocks into water. If she could eat, sleep and live outdoors she would. I love having a little lady that isn't afraid to get dirty and to have a good time. Aniston really is a good example of seizing the moment and living for the day!

It was definitely worth the drive out to the hike, which wasn't even very long and super goregous. Hopefully we will be able to go again this summer!

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