Thursday, June 25, 2015

DAY 1392... 7 Month Stretch

Benson is 7 months old!

He is AMAZING! He really has grown a lot and changed so much! He is still the chubby bunny that we know and love, but he is just adapting and changing every day!

I feel like he loves Aniston more every day! He loves to watch his sister and every time he sees he he smiles at her. The love between the two of them is AMAZING!

He is no longer swaddled. We walked in on him face down in his swaddle in his crib one morning, and after I recovered from my minor heart attack, we decided that enough was enough. This boy is a belly sleeper! He LOVES it! He sleeps much better too. We are still adjusting to falling asleep without a swaddle, but overall naps have improved 100%!

He "dances" all the time. He loves to thrust his hips and move his body all the time. It's insanely cute! He is always making us laugh.

He is eating a TON! We started him on fruits finally, and he can down a jar of bananas like it's no ones business! We alternate between fruits and veggies so that he gets a pretty even amount of both. But seriously, he is chowing through 2 4oz jars a day! Piggy!

Benson will put anything and everything into his mouth. He stuffs blankets, bibs, fingers and endless amount of toys into the gummy mouth of his.

He is still always smiling. He is such a happy baby, it's such a blessing!

His absolutely loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I don't know why, but he gets so excited anytime we sing that song. It also is the one we use to calm him down when he starts to get crazy. It's great because it's a song that Aniston loves to sing to him as well and that she can actually sing.

One of my friends from high school pointed out the similarities between my Benny Boo and the classic Kewpie Dolls. How awesome is this? Might be my most favorite thing ever!

I always get comments about how big the eyes of my kids are. They are kind of big, but they are beautiful and amazing as well! They just look so much alike! Here is a picture of Aniston at 7 months old...

This has seriously been the BEST 7 months of my life!

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